The harsh reality, which will help you mentally grow


Reality is not strict. She’s normal, she’s real! These things need to be recognized, otherwise you will remain nothing more than a man who lives in his own world, which for better or worse, is now your mortal body. A growing success on the basis of past failures, so do not be upset when something goes wrong. Worry, when you are not making any conclusion from this situation.

There are many things in which we believe. They are forced upon us by society and the environment. We believe these rules as children, but we want something else; we see that in fact everything is different. Our critical thinking is destroyed almost in early childhood. Today we will tell you about a few things that you need to understand to emotionally grow. We advise you to take them, we advise you to read, ponder, agree or disagree, and then bring their opinions on the matter.

1. The first step is never easy

Start is always difficult, but all great things when someone started. And the smallest too. In General, the biggest success in the world is to end something and to start and to finish something that will bring you significant results. Let the knees are shaking, and let the breath go, but it always makes sense to find the strength and courage to pull yourself together and take a step forward so the knees stopped shaking, and his breathing was again even.

2. Good things rarely come quick and easy

There are always plenty of examples Pets destiny, which seemingly got nothing. Most often it only seems that way, perhaps on the way to success these guys had to kill someone. If you want to achieve something worthwhile, there is nothing to wait for the sea weather! Compare their goals and efforts that need to be applied for their achievement, prepare and go forward. Resistance to the blows of fate — perhaps the most useful life skill. It improves performance, because the people that possess them, just don’t want to give up. What the hell, inhuman deserves respect. Success is achieved by ponthe volume and effort, in spite of despair. Any! Someone need to make a lot, others not so much, and someone just need to put at least some effort.

3. You will never be able to control

The only thing you can control in your life is the attitude to those things that lie beyond your control. The better you adapt to reality, while not abandoning his opinions and his personality, the less you worry about what you cannot change. To live a full life, you need only to accept all that happens around you, is really happening here and now. Happened to you will happen after you. Even if you think that in the future everything will be much better, still the nature of things is such that they are difficult to modify, and to control them too hard. Sometimes it is enough just to relax and feel as the current carries you. Occasionally, of course, need to adjust the direction of the paddle, but do not think that for you to return back.

4. Risk cannot be avoided

Risk is our constant companion. Somehow we constantly run the risk, and in order to achieve something, you need to risk more! If you ever genuinely long and scary, you’re doing something wrong! To live without risk is the same that you long to lie without movements: you have formed sores, and then you die, turning into a piece of meat. You don’t understand because everything seems to be functioning but it is impossible to live! Let yourself be one of those who is doing something wrong, who makes mistakes, but realizes it is a person.

5. Your issue most likely is in your head

The main cause of unhappiness and defeat in the current situation is your thoughts about this. Happiness and success are reduced to two elements: how you think and how you act based on your thoughts. People do change when he starts to believe that he can do something big. Of course, only when he begins to try or when he does have something that will help him to achieve this. The first secret of success is not to drift. This is a beautiful called self-confidence, but really believe in yourself uncomfortable, because most people mistakenly confident if it is the same as to consider themselves incredibly significant and able to achieve all at once. Do not confuse!

6. Long term happiness cannot be bought — it is earned

Long term happiness — it is harmony and a real pleasure, because on such matter as «happiness,» the world does not exist. No need to dwell on the things around you and what comes to you only occasionally — just to make my opinion about it. You should care about what is part of yourself and your regular environment. All you can do is to fully concentrate on their lives and their environment, but never, hear, never need to dissolve in someone else’s case, the team, the family. Otherwise you can’t be happy because your life will turn into a Ministry that had no one, I assure you, really do not want.

7. You will not support

It’s not necessarily «harmful friends.» It can be those who have been with you always, no need to abandon them if they think your actions are meaningless. This may be their own opinion, which is based on their knowledge of you. Another thing, if these people seriously start to pressure you and make every possible way to do what they think is best. They want to decide for you, they want to take back control you or try to do it, it is obvious that such people can be called «harmful». Regardless of what they say about you and your chosen path, remember that the only thing you eventually need your own path. Not to do much worse than to do and regret.

8. You’re better off without some people you care about

In the most difficult times of life we make sure some people are so dear to us, as it seemed earlier. You can see their true face, and can understand what people around you has changed and my relationship with you to them is no longer a priority. We can’t blame them for what they took off when you got in a difficult situation. First, they can be for obvious reasons. Secondly, what would you do in his place? Always remember this. These people went? Well, you have more room to maneuver.

9. Happiness without some sadness does not happen

Some sadness is necessary. Everything in life has a double bottom. Experience the pleasure is impossible without pain, because otherwise you will not know how lucky you are. Joy can never exist without sadness, and confidence will never act without fear. And so on. Coins with one side not exist! If that’s not a marriage.

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