The harsh realities of boys who look younger than their age


Someone is lucky to have a beard, someone masculine, but someone happened to be hollow and excessively youthful. About them that is full of grief, sour men’s tears and suffering article.

People are talking to you as a kid

«Kid, there is Sigi?» – asks the pimply student from 9th class. He comes to you, asks you a favor, but he does it without respect, and even calls you «young man» turns asexual and bezposrednim «sorry». He offers you his friendship, he talks to you like an equal, even though you have long since forgotten what school. Do you even master behind, you haven’t lowered» students in the comments and don’t know how to impress the careless Junior. But don’t be mad, be glad that it’s at least the hair you do not spoiled. No need to come close with the demand: «first, «You», the young man, and secondly…» – this is useless, just sircy at him with her piercing eyes and walk away, so he understood. How would you communicate, remember you’re still above the hobbits.

You don’t look professional

I remember my teacher – a grad student all my heart wanted to teach us our craft and to introduce advanced methods of teaching. But the trouble is that its appearance it was similar to the man who was supposed to give us experience and teach us. Everything from rare, as after radiation therapy, bristle, which he has painstakingly grown, and behavior, gave him a well high sophomore. And like the guy tried like tried have grown to look like, but cost us enormous effort to contact him. Child-child, especially when freaked out and offended. But the most ridiculous and offensive for it was those moments when the guards at the entrance demanded his student. Students were constantly asked, «Dude, I don’t know where the couple…(and named his name)?» and unfamiliar teachers asked him to come down to the caretaker and to help move some crap.

Although, remembering his teaching practice, I can confidently say that if your face is covered with wrinkles, and his chin framed by a beard if years of hard work at the mine or adherence to bad habits do not age you (or you’re just not Caucasian), do not count on a serious attitude, especially in the professional sphere.

Women’s issue

It was a bribe.field.ua_10.03.2016_pw1HE2YUQiDj3

There is one very funny case connected with delicate intentions to address the weaker sex. Imagine the sad picture when you’re 16, but your face is frozen print youth, nailed on top and fuzz on his lip. And you’re one of the few who worked in the summer and earned their own pocket money. Your peers and classmates formed the charming girls, the sensor of lust long hike, and your love biography it takes one who looks older (although you saw the light six months earlier), and has the rare gift of charming the ladies.

And in that moment, when his partner picked up the actual rod formed in two girlish, but not in moral terms «fish», when he took to acquaint them with a nice addition to your promising Quartet, one of them gives a remarkable phrase: «is This your little brother? God, how old is he?» It’s even more offensive than when your peers, overwhelmed by the high speech and complex, but beautiful metaphors, take you for too self-confident student.

Show your papers, please

You think you look like the age of the mummy of Tutankhamun, but the bartender and the saleswoman at the store think otherwise, requiring that you documented their right to the use of this package with delicious vodka. But in those moments when they do not require you have documents, you are anxious freeze and think, «What happened? Am I grown up or just look bad?!» Classic story, just think of it as a compliment.

Anxiety during a job interview

The interview is usually very serious and responsible step to a new life and new opportunities. You have to be perfect: appearance, demeanor and answer questions – all should give you Feb professional. But you are applying for the post of Deputy Director with so young a face. You will listen to the veterans of work? The catch, the employer also thinks about it. All you can do, to show the wonders of eloquence and pray to myself to take.

Young earlier takes you by surprise


Now you’ve grown up, matured, overgrown vegetation and a tubercle in place of the former press. But when you look at old photos, then horrified to discover his boyish image in the background of adult uncles. And it’s a wedding and people around… this guy was under two years, this man – even a schoolboy, and is the same age as yours. And in your suit you look like a graduate. A graduate of the ninth grade. In a head rush of thoughts: «Why didn’t anyone warn me?» and remember sidelong glances in your direction… and in the end, you consulted about the dress with my mom, and she said she was so very beautiful. Just forget the past and don’t panic, as The Clash sang: «the Sheriff doesn’t like it when rock the Kasbah». Not mandragoras.

You’re the only one concerned

Buddy, believe me, it’s not a problem. On the contrary, rejoice that you look so fresh. 40 you will be as fresh and young, and your friends will have to die. Enjoy, there’s nothing wrong, you’re just exaggerating the problem. Anyone your youth does not bother most importantly, behave like an adult. Interpret this all as a joke, the world will not change. And spit on the opinion that ladies choose a hefty, curly and high. If the lady is taller and more Mature, it does not mean that she will not be yours.

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