The guy who won a lot of money, forced to pay child support


In General, I’d like to write in the news some kind of joke that «we are responsible for someone accustomed», and all that jazz. But we won’t.

Just a man named Pedro Quezada (Pedro Quezada) has hit the jackpot in a record 338 million dollars, it’s time to pay the bills. Myself as soon as Pedro found out about the money, so once said in an interview that will help those in need.

And once there, his ex-wife and three children. But and require! Now the man wants to pay them 30 thousand «evergreen». But you have to admire Pedro: dude wants the children to live with him. Only Pedro 5 children — prolific man.

It should be noted that after payment of all taxes guy will remain «only» 152 million rubles. Robust design so they eat taxes.

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