The guy who stole the bike, have a conscience


Well sometimes guys have a bad conscience, by God it’s fun. On the one hand, when a conscience — it’s okay, but another thing when the conscience is, lots of it, she stands in the room like a huge elephant, which is difficult to replace.

This guy was an unknown place (but it is certainly America) stole a guy of his bike. When stealing bikes, it’s very frustrating, I remember one of our friend stole a bike when he pulled into the stairwell to dry when he washed him.

To the bike that returned the thief, was applied, a record length note about this content: «Dear bike owner, on Saturday, April 20, I graduated from the University. I was really drunk. When I left the bar, it was very late and I couldn’t catch the bus. Money for a taxi I had, but it was near your bike, I took it and got it home. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to sell it. So you make a coupon for a free cake».

This is so touching, man. Nothing more touching we have not met. By the way, this coupon is valid only with the purchase of pizza? Maybe, dude, it’s a shrewd PR move!


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