The guy was being chased by a zombie, so he got in an accident

My Husband Says That Zombies Had Caused The Interstate Accident

Zombies can be accused of anything: it’s a zombie, they will not be offended. Waiting for people who will protect the rights of zombies, and we for them is frankly insulting.

In California there was a pretty impressive crash. Several cars collided on the highway, among them was a truck with strawberries. Four badly damaged. What happened, man?

Responsible for incident, 19-year-old boy named Jeremy Clyde Hertlein (long name), was detained by the police. At the station the guy said that the accident occurred due to the fact that the truck Clyde was chased by the scary gang the living dead who, apparently, wanted to eat the brain of Clyde. From this story, obviously, of the brain that Clyde no, to use such substances and to stay with gray matter — it’s not about our guy. Therefore, I advise him the next time the dead don’t be afraid: they just wanted to make friends with him.

The idiocy of the situation adds that Clyde stole a truck with strawberries! Why he did it, to find out and failed. We have a few options. First: zombies are afraid of strawberries (obviously). Second: strawberry afraid of zombies. Third: strawberry is delicious. Fourth: eat stolen strawberries cause the zombies.

Jeremiah himself look like a zombie.

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