The guy from USA months ate the garbage

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The 28-year-old Rob Greenfield from the United States went on another bike ride and suddenly saw the restaurant take out to the dump a large number of products. Rob wondered how many in the world of food that just ruthlessly discarded. That day the guy decided to make a bet with yourself. He promised himself that he will eat only what is thrown away in a landfill within a month.

In that month he traveled to America and eating out of dumpsters. He did this in order to show people how much food they throw away. This guy did not starve a single day. His crate has always been: fruits and vegetables, bottles of juice, bread, cakes, pizzas, donuts and cheese.

Rob says his goal is to motivate the people of his country not to throw away unnecessary products and not to wait until they deteriorate, and to share this food with others. He says that you need to pass it in certain places so that it is easy to find.

In the United States as much as 40 percent of all food in the country goes to waste. Greenfield said, «Every time I open the trash, there is food. From time to time I find the containers near grocery stores, filled to the brim with really good food.»

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