The gun in vagina is not the place

The gun in vagina is not the place


You may have heard of a good modern writer Cormac McCartney, who was glorified by the Coen brothers in the film adaptation of the book «to Old men here not a place». The film is not bad, by the way, look. This story happened, thank the gods, not with Cormac, and his ex-wife. It’s embarrassing.

48-year-old Jennifer McCartney was arrested last Saturday, for a rather strange effect. She argued with her boyfriend about the existence of aliens on the basis of information from the website The Smoking Gun, which only deals with the fact that provides the various documents like relevant to certain services. Two Mature people really are shit because of the aliens, apparently, they believed the former Cormac. The woman after a quarrel went somewhere, but then came back, dressed in beautiful lingerie and went, apparently, to put up with. With the words: «now Who’s crazy, you or me?», lady made of the causal space… a revolver and pointed it at the boyfriend. Dude no joke truhanul, snatched her from the hands of the revolver and threw it in the trash. Now Madam are in real time. Here are the pies.

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