The government will know what you’re doing on the Internet

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2014_PwrnxvIo8rMv1Roskomnadzor and FSB has prepared the draft regulations which explains what information about users will be required to maintain and provide security services to Internet companies and some sites need to register in Roskomnadzor. From August 1, in Russia begins to act in numerous anti-terrorist amendments to the law. Now Internet companies are required to provide information

about the user only in the courts, however, the amendments require them to do so on demand.

Under the new rules, information about users is stored in the Internet companies for six months and made available upon request of the FSB to its employees. What information? Almost any! Usernames, email addresses, contacts, friends, followers, number of messages sent and received, all made to the system changes and attempts to remove it. And that’s not all. As employees of FSB will be able to receive information about visited sites: social networks, forums, blogs, as well as on the device from which the user sits on the Internet. Additional services Internet companies and used for their payment service and those interested in special services. Only to online purchases while business is not reached.

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