The Golden words of the old Andrew Carnegie

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2015_URkxfsIpfNIiVAndrew Carnegie died almost 100 years ago, and most still confuse it with the teacher of oratory and the author of interesting books on psychology by Dale Carnegie. But they have nothing in common, although the second is very loved to remember and quote in his writings, legendary millionaire and philanthropist. By the way, the famous Carnegie Hall bears the name of Andrew Carnegie, as he has spent a lot of money in construction. And not only him. Made a fortune in the steel industry, made a revolution in the industry by starting the mass production of rails, he never forgot about his roots. Simple Dunfermline (Scotland) a poor man that became the richest man of his time, spent a lot of money to charity. Once I even wrote an article that caused considerable hysteria among many entrepreneurs and mass adoration from people of other crafts. In it, he wrote that the life of a wealthy industrialist should comprise two parts. The first part is the gathering and accumulation of wealth. The second part is intended for further distribution of this wealth on friendly targets. Charity, he said, is the key to a decent life. So he lived all his life, building schools, libraries and other public institutions, fighting for justice in all ways. Even offering the Philippines a money, so that they could buy their independence. Here is a decent man. Surely in the morning he itched blades, and made a halo. Now is the time to hear what this sage has to say about life and career.


Do more. Jump wins a horse ahead of his rivals on the head.


Never will break up the one who does what he is told. And the one who does not what he talking about.

As they say, listen to your mother and do what she says, not forgetting to do more, of course.


Determine the exact amount of money you would like to have. It is not enough to say, «I want to have a lot of money.» Be precise and specific.


With age, I began to pay less attention to what people say. I just look at what they are doing.The old man was right. A very useful habit, which saves it from infidelity and getting into trouble.


The best legacy for a young man is born in poverty. Any skills and abilities do not matter, if a person is provided.Poverty is the best inspiration and talent. Look how many people came to triumph with relative poverty.


People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive was not their talents.Another plus in the Treasury of her Majesty’s motivation – eternal engine of progress that drives us to new achievements.


Gathering wealth is one of the worst species of idolatry. No idol is not as destructive as the worship of money.Very strange to hear this from a man who barocamera millions. Doubly pleased that it is not empty words. Carnegie is easy to part with money, as evidenced by his charitable work.


First gets the oyster, the second always contented with the shell.Life is unfair, especially if it concerns business. To bestow equally, according to need can only be in a porno. All the rest is disappointment. So for the delicious flesh of the success will have to fight.


Truly successful only those who chose one path and walking it all my life.It’s easier to reach success. Sprayed and chasing two hares, as you know, is dangerous – you can be left with nothing.


Honesty, diligence and concentration – that’s my motto.


He who cannot think is a fool. Who doesn’t want a fanatic. He who dares not is a slave.Probably this phrase you need to print out and hang over your Desk at least every second inhabitant of our planet. Clearly arranged all points, better not say.


I realized that I must first be human. Success can be achieved in any field of human labor. Always there is a room upstairs in each house, there is always a higher step at each level of development.


No man can become rich without creating other opportunities for enrichment.The main essence of entrepreneurship, which many in our time, unfortunately, forgotten, leaving only their own gain. So now the enterprise is not considered to be noble.


I knew millionaires who are starving for lack of food, which would enclose everything in a human being. And I knew workers and many so-called poor, who enjoyed a luxury unavailable to those millionaires.


The man who dies rich, dies disgraced.After the death of Carnegie ordered to distribute their wealth. But he died still rich. So hitch…


Work is the sole property of the worker. And he has the right to fight for it. The commandment to labor: you shall not covet your neighbor’s work.Work as wealth. In these harsh times this phrase is to remember the many who are careless about their duties.


The wounds of honour are applied by us.


When what you really want comes into play the Law of attraction.Nature is always on your side.


There’s no point in trying to help people who do not help themselves. Man cannot be forced to climb stairs if he is not willing to rise.Invest in the people. No one will make you rich and happy, if you did not make this effort.


A Sunny disposition is worth more than any state. Young people should know and try to develop. The mind, like the body, can get out of the deepest darkness and Shine the beautiful light of the sun.Finally, the darkness won’t make you happy.


My desire higher flight. In my opinion, is to invest their energy in education and in joy of mind. By the way, spiritual. All that you tend to make in the lives of the workers of Pittsburgh sweetness and light.


I began to learn what poverty means. Because I wanted to come to her opposites – wealth. I hold this noble opportunity to learn how to use wealth. This is due to the fact that my father worked very hard, and I wanted to know what it means to be rich. I started researching and was able to find the cause, I found what I was looking for.

No one will lead you to wealth, except yourself. Capital is not only hard to earn money, but also the thought process. If you find the cause, then the process will go much faster.

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