The girls with whom you have hardly anything happens

There are girls that you are not destiny to meet. Sometimes it’s clear at a glance, but sometimes you have hope, so do not notice obvious things. The common man is difficult to come to terms with what cockroaches are worn in the head of this girl. This makes sense, since she needs a man with her circle of friends or someone who will sincerely admire her every little cockroaches. I don’t think that with these girls you date often, but someday fate will give you any of them. Watch out!

1. Vegan


Let’s be honest, I never understood why people pay so much attention to their taste preferences. I’m out of high school don’t drink coffee and tea with sugar, is there a name for people like me? Desirable, beautiful and Latin.

I think that the decision not to eat bacon, ribs and pepperoni pizza sounds odd to me, not to say that it is completely crazy. But why would your lifestyle makes you so combative? Unfortunately, in my short life I have met an astounding number too militant vegetarian and vegans that are subject to fashion in recent years not to eat meat, and sticking with it from vegetables. And here you find a place where a lot of delicious vegetarian dishes, and go on a date with her. First, you quickly learn the difference between vegetarian and vegan. Secondly, you will know how beautiful are those who do not eat meat of warm-blooded. Usually refers to fish and marine reptiles, but I always think of frogs and snakes. Let her know that you are not going to change their behavior and will continue to eat meat. So it will be easier to get a divorce, of course, quickly, but nothing.

Desperate vegetarian can stand if you order a hamburger in front of her, she will say: «you know how they got the meat for the hamburgers? They killed huge animals throwing blade». Don’t order the steak! Don’t even think! Speaking of meat in General. Animals often do not know about death because workers in the slaughterhouse in every way and calm them, so they obediently walked to his destiny. Why? Read in any commodity the owner or the owner for examination: a meat loses taste quality when the animal is very excited. Therefore, his or calm, or stun.

These words, I’ll have to say I have only a militant vegetarian, which is now insanely hard. They are guided almost immediately, they began to speak about the meat and are trying to convince you that meat — Kaka.

2. Daddy’s girl


You are not able to impress her on the first date. You can spend all the money you saved on a trip to Europe, but it will be sacrificed in vain. Why? Because she has seen it all before. Her dad tightly stuck in a good business since, when she was a child. This girl rides in the Alps on skis, goes to expensive resorts and buy a branded cloth. Most likely all the guys you were clones of her dad. Why is she with you at the moment? Does she like you? She loves you? No, probably because you’re funny! Maybe she wants to annoy their dad, or to show that she is quite independent and can meet with anyone you want. Most likely, she’s naughty, arrogant, and almost independent.

3. Paulissian


She had a large number of tattoos, and I can tell by their placement that she intends to do more. Tattoo, by the way, peculiar. There’s no real symbolism or meaning, or a sign for luck. They do not represent a carefully crafted image. The girl just carefully shows the world that it’s pretty cool to get a tattoo.

It can be seen that she is willing to defect to another camp, and all she needs right now in this moment — a bad relationship with a guy. Rather, an attempt to start them. Maybe you get to bed, and regardless of the result, she decides that it’s time to cross over to the camp lesbian. She needs to finally decide what all the guys are drinking beer, you morons who shout obscenities at the TV showing the football. And it decides regardless if you’ve been watching football for her or not.

A few years she’ll be on the island of Lesbos, and then you’ll get a cute guy, which probably will not satisfy her sexually, but he will be «good», her friends take it because they are very similar, and he knows what wine you need to drink at dinner. And mom customize: wants grandchildren.

4. Hipster


There is enough cultural confusion about who is considered a hipster. We are not going to understand this. This is another article. Many of the hipster girls are very, very cool. First, because hipster clothing they really go. Second, they watch good movies. Thirdly, some of them drink alcohol. But among vegetarians, among the hipsters there are girls with whom it is impossible to live near. The main problem of these girls in obsessions and confidence in the fact that if you don’t watch movies Jarmusch, you are the shit. Negative people need to weed out, and this is just the same.

5. Uber-the


Don’t get me wrong, among the girls — fans of comics, games and other likovskij pieces across a magnificent specimen. Of course, they can be confused with nardocci who think that he is the one who wears glasses and a t-shirt with Sheldon Cooper. Or «Star Wars». This girl, who succumbed to fashion. After films «the Avengers», their number has increased markedly.

Pretty correct nardocci first and foremost look after themselves. This means at least the absence of acne, excess weight and the availability of nice clothes and cosmetics. They may have a lot of interests that they admire, sometimes fanatically. Some girls who love Board games, sci-Fi, anime, books, «Star wars» and «starship Galactica» wildest comely and cool. And most importantly — interesting. With such girls is easy and pleasant. An example of Jessica Nigri — model and icon cosplay.


But our article about other girls.

This girl grew up in a family that forbade her to socialize with other children. Instead she had a library adult books and daily play the oboe. All of her images over the years has grown and evolved into a vile, rotting bubble. She despises any girl that is more groomed than she is. And more beautiful. She secretly thinks they’re prostitutes who have abandoned the ideas of equality and brotherhood. It may look very untidy because no one taught her how to use makeup and feminine wiles, but most importantly: she doesn’t know why you need it at all. She might have even cosplay of the heroine of «Nikita», it is better not to watch. Or she can accurately portray Chewbacca.

It’s not gonna work, because she despises society and has a lot of complexes. And good to name language does not turn.

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