The girl was carrying tadpoles in my mouth

little fish1803681082

This girl from South Korea came up with a very strange way of transporting contraband.

International airport Guangzhou Baiyun (China) during inspection of hand Luggage, the airport staff found in one of the bags a bottle of water. In fact, to carry in hand Luggage liquids can not, so she ordered or put a bottle or drink its contents.

The girl decided to choose the latter. She emptied the contents of the bottle, but to swallow adamantly refused. But still the security staff at the airport were able somehow to get a strange girl to spit out the contents of the bottle out of his mouth.

In the water floated a lot of tadpoles. When the girl asked me what the hell is that in General, she admitted that tadpoles she gave a friend from China and she categorically did not want to part with the gift.

The girl still had to part with their Pets. I wonder what she did with them next, if they could carry? Detained her or not, is also unknown.

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