The girl hid in a locker to find out a terrible secret…

The girl hid in a locker to find out a terrible secret...0764265261

At this very blurry photo you can see how is revealed the mystery over which worked more than one generation. This is a modern heroine, Justine, Betty, a second year student at American high school, hid in the locker in the gym locker room and know who is nosing around in backpacks and bags dudes from College.

Thief was a beloved and respected teacher, who in the video was digging through the bags, collected the shit scraped out a trifle and generally behaved very not cool. Betty free video, waited for the thief will be gone and stomped to his home, still shocked by this news. No one thought that this wonderful man as he seemed to be a PE teacher, actually skillfully pretends to be.

The video was shown the next day the school administration and to the Director. He said that will hear the case and asked Betty to remove the video, but sent the form of his father, who was also not happy.

What happened next? Do NOT expect the school system of any active actions. They did not worse, than in Russia, the teacher received an administrative penalty, not criminal. The trouble, dude!

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