The gifts she wants to receive on March 8. Part I


Yes, the day is coming, the day when the crowd of men crammed for flowers, cosmetics and other gifts. How could you not react to this holiday, you still can’t ignore its female environment. And if mom and grandma will understand the mistake, then the friend can hold a grudge.

In General, to give the girl – science more complex than it seems, because depending on who is presented, I want to be remembered as a good guy, loving and attentive. And friends are too different to be able to find some universal approach. But we tried to find out what is it that women want? What they want most, in addition, that you finally got a normal job with a big salary? This will be discussed. Of course, when compiling the list we have interviewed a lot of girls, and didn’t break your head and not suffer guesses and assumptions. All of the information below, the facts obtained from the lips of the beautiful half of humanity.

In General, all for the sake of our women and for the sake of a little easy on you.

1. A bouquet of flowers

What is spring festival without flowers? That’s right, no. Flowers can be presented in different ways, and the effect from them will be correspondingly different. Do not get hung up on some roses, although the classic few people fail, and they sort of become a symbol of the holiday. Most of the ladies loves them, that’s true, but there is a perception that friends also like the variety. In General, you should know the favorite flowers of your girlfriend. And at different times of the year a passion for flowers she might be different… not an easy Task, but if you’re more careful, then you’ll know all about it! And that this spring she dreams of a huge bouquet of tulips, and at other times will be enchanted by the bouquet of daisies and one with beautiful peonies…

Remember that your friend is unique, and the flowers must correspond to its uniqueness. Identify a girlfriend with roses – buy roses, identify with the tulips – so take the tulips. Nothing complicated, but the beauty of submission and should not be forgotten. For example, if you buy flowers in Flora Delivery, except the perfect beauty of plants, you get a better feeding method. If you live within the «Moscow ring», the delivery will cost zero rubles, zero kopecks and you can order round the clock.

2. Smart watch

Who is not keen on smart watch? The girlfriend also. In this case as a gift there is nothing better than a cool hours, containing under its dial in a whole universe of possibilities.

For example, the Samsung Gear S2 Sport is good for girls who lead an active lifestyle and love the precision in all things. Under the body there are amenities, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor and light. There is a clock and a speaker and a microphone, and even the possibility of voice control. The interface also provides scope for action.

So you can not worry for the condition of your friend, because the device has a control function of health’s Health). There is mail, and digital keyboard, the ability to view news, maps and weather forecast. You can accept incoming calls (the clock starts to vibrate and show room), which is very convenient if your friend constantly calls on the phone, which is hidden in the secret corridors of handbags. Well and, importantly, your girlfriend can enjoy music and view photos. If we are talking about a really useful gift, think about the clock.

3. Unusual decoration

Girls love jewelry. And in the spring they especially want to look beautiful, fresh, spring-like. Fortunately, there are some common images that are direct shout spring, warmth, some love. For example, take the jewelry SOKOLOV. You can select any pendants, bird with bird earrings with Robin. Also a lot of rings, in the style of traditional Russian painting. And most importantly, it didn’t look «cranberry» and vulgar. A simple, natural and soap. Suggest.

4. Photoshoot

We often talk about it and his words refuse will not: a professional photo shoot girls like. Ultimately, if you’re serious about a lady, you pictures need. Always nice to remember, what was your friend before. So, dude, never give the possibility to organize your friend a wonderful photo shoot.

Remember that you need to find a good photographer to see his work, look at the Studio itself and then buy a subscription to the shoot. As always make sure yourself. It is better to be in the Studio, which is equipped properly. «Your picture» is a good choice, and in this Studio there is a lot of business certificates are easy to give to a friend. Also can choose with the theme. For example, a good option would be the photographs that are bound to a certain season, or in the case if you want to keep the development of their relations, order a romantic photo session.

5. A ticket to the concert of your favorite band

Yes, now all the tickets are getting more expensive and becoming more expensive, but that is no reason to deny yourself and especially her friend the pleasure.

See the schedule of concerts, let me see if there’s some kind of team, from which she is crazy. I’ve once regretted the money for a gift, and now I’m sitting and bored. Don’t repeat my mistakes and buy. If you can achieve a normal field, then take. If money is tight (and who is now not tight), take place easier if you’re a tycoon, buy the most expensive area closer to the idol. Anyway, she will be pleased with the gift.

6. A week in a Bungalow on Paradise island


Romantic, cool and chic? And… is it expensive? Here is how you look, it all depends on your ingenuity. One guy may spend a fortune on a week vacation in some exotic place. The other, with more severe brain, look at the value hotels, lodging, and meals. And when he does, you will only spend for the tickets, because for many guest houses in the same Phuket you will pay much less than the rickety house on the Black sea. Enjoy it while the moment. When I saw the prices for hotels in those places, that I found outrageously cheap for up to two weeks. Yeah, you there will not be air conditioning or television, or, perhaps, you’ll have to walk half a kilometer to the beach, but it’s still cool.

That’s just the ticket problem, but what to do, the choice requires sacrifice.

7. Pendant in the shape of a heart

It is so cute and Mimino, we don’t dare pass by this accessory as it is beautiful. And you know why? It just reminds me about all those sugary, but good-natured romantic movies made every year. This pendant does not tolerate ambiguity, it is straight and precise about your intentions and feelings.

There is another advantage of this jewelry: you don’t need to know the dimensions of body parts of your girlfriend. No, we are not about Breasts and thighs (it just need to know), and about the size of a hand (if it’s a bracelet) or your finger (if it is ring). Pendant can you buywithout thinking about these things. Besides, to buy your girlfriend such a gift is to say to yourself: «Yes, I could! Even in these times of crisis I found the money to make her happy». And that is exactly what men do.

8. Awesome playlist

Music is often a problem: no time to make a playlist for long hours of work, training or leisure. It is strange that few people thought, but why don’t you ask to collect her favorite songs in one small folder on the computer? Hold their respective dynamics, style. Add the fact that she, you feel, like. Do not be stingy and do not regret the time – do such a big batch for 5-6 hours.

Not only that, the money you will spend, and the gift will have an absolute value on a scale of usefulness. Only, of course, compose music for her and not for yourself. And somehow ugly turn.

9. Driving courses


Come here without all your stereotypes. Now, I think girls can’t drive, but they need to learn to drive. His car is always easier, she will be more comfortable to get around town, commute to work or shopping. Besides, you would let her go when the nose of some particularly important Boxing match, and the beer was just starting to cool off. So don’t be conservative, let the lady to sit behind the wheel, and she’ll thank you.

Besides, driving courses accessible. Many girls want to learn to drive, even without a car. Don’t believe? Ask yourself.

10. Subscription to beauty salon

If you want to surprise and please my woman, a gift certificate to a beauty salon will be the right decision. Usually good salons have a great set of services which previously could only be seen in Hollywood movies. In General, the care of the body – feature a modern person. You can call it narcissism, but a simple reason.

In man everything should be beautiful, the woman especially. And if men can do a simple gym, ladies need special care (you want beauty live forever?). If so, give a friend a massage, swimming pool, SPA, Hammam, manicure and other things. Especially cool that you can do it all in one place – in shops network «Islands», where professionals work with a license, not aunt Luba from the street. Why will this give? The fact that friends are tender, and need from time to time need to unwind. At some point you realize that kind of stuff and you good to go. Girlfriend becomes more relaxed and calm, and what could be better than that? Gift cards come in denominations of 500, 1000 and 3000 rubles. Although there is a possibility of entering any amount.

11. Gift with your own hands


Prove that your ancestors were real hard workers, handy carpenters, like ol ‘ Jesus. His lady do something with their own hands. For example, a box made of wood, but if you have the skill a little better, even the box. Let the hours of work will result in something unique and tortured then, something from the heart. Made a cool box – it will put your stuff scatters around the house. Double benefit, no?

But the box can do something about the furniture, but it takes skill to pump and make sure that she really wants. You never know, maybe the girlfriend whines all the time on the bookshelf, and you do not notice?

12. Flip Flop portrait

A gift for artistic friends, or friends who consider themselves such. In any case, a wonderful gift, a unique technology only once again confirms this. But more to the point. Flip Flop is like a portrait that you can draw yourself, even if you have your hands growing from you know where. Technology is the following: you give a photo of a girl that I want to give a portrait, the experts make the image on canvas, camouflage it in a certain way and give it to you.

At the appointed hour, you give the canvas the lady and let her paint. Let him show imagination and making a mess of them properly. A few moments after application a film portrait appears. The lady, of course, with astonishment, jumps on your shoulders and rejoices in the gift. The original theme, isn’t it? Moreover, the very process of drawing a separate occasion to feel the satisfaction of giving.

13. Books


If your friend is a girl reading, she will definitely be delighted with this gift. Just don’t give Ozhegova dictionary or textbook of the Russian language you can not understand. Buy some cool Deluxe edition, or an exciting fiction about forever, save the world heroes. Can certainly purchase scientific or popular science book, but suggest to do it only if you’re sure that she’s interested in the subject. And it will gather dust no one needs to suffer from undisclosed pages and a friend will be unhappy.

14. Set of natural cosmetics


If you look at your friend and see her beauty, then you must understand that behind all this beauty hides a huge amount of work and, of course, all sorts of health care. As we admitted some of the girls, they want them to have a large set of cosmetics for body care. Ranging from bath salts, ending any cream for the cuticles (Yes, it is).

Don’t think your friend will be glad the sets of cosmetics that appear before the holidays on the shelves. You have to work hard and find high quality cosmetics, or he gather good set. If you do not know how to build sets, keep in mind that the correct Assembly must include several important components. Be sure to add a creams for feet and hands, shampoo and hair conditioner, good organic soap without chemicals, lotion, scrub and body butter. By the way, take the oil with aloe Vera is a plant famous for its therapeutic and soothing properties. Cosmetics Rizes Crete, in contrast to many analogues, gives a pleasant feeling of use, but also a healthy dose of utility (after all, naturally!). In addition, in March, the weather is so-so, not Shine with warmth and tenderness, and Greek cosmetics will perfectly fill all these gaps.

Of course, you need to collect a set with knowledge of the matter. Pay attention to natural ingredients, their naturalness and safety for the body of the girl. So you will protect her from any surprises that occur to the left cosmetics (like rashes or something worse). In this respect we are conservative and we offer you to make a set for body care product Rizes Crete. But if there’s no time to investigate and collect yourself, the site provides ready-made kits.

15. The game is «For you»

Girls will like this game because it’s for two. Represents the real game about feelings, romance and love. In the box contains 30 cards, each of which is illustrated in neoimpressionists style and contains a certain kind of task. There is also the envelope, a magnet for scoring and a small piece of chalk for writing.

Naturally, you cannot look at tasks the other player and rush their implementation is not necessary. The game is «For you» is designed to introduce your friend and the relationship the old feelings, but because the task is sometimes not easy. But their implementation won’t hide it, can change your life. You’re not doing your friend a surprise – she’s doing you a surprise, you create a certain atmosphere – it meets the same.

The coolness that takes into account the desires of both men and women. Some of them you never even knew. In this way, a common problem relationship. We just don’t know how to please his girlfriend, but this Board game will help us in this. To find this game and many others that are exactly like your girlfriend, you MOSIGRE.

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