The garbage in our head, or get that idea to hell.

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The human mind is wonderful and powerful system, which, alas, is far from perfect. We often depend on our thoughts that torment us and not allow us to live. This is only our fault. If you want to move forward, you must change your mind about it. Or it will be too late, I’m serious!

1. «Life sucks!»

The mind can be a tough battleground, I’m serious! This can be a place where such wars that even the long-suffering Land never dreamed of. Here are rotting and swarming with different thoughts that poison the well of our lives, but we’re still a donkey’s obstinacy keep them in mind. These thoughts spoil our lives, depriving us of peace.

Sometimes in our mind is born a barrage of hate to the world. Don’t think you’re depressed or you have a nervous breakdown — it happens to everyone, calm down! So enough to wash all their problems, what happened, happened! Do not harm yourself! When you say: «Life is shit», somewhere dies a little cute pony.

2. «Those who hate me, right»

What kind of self-flagellation? Be wise and get away from the negativity that surrounds you! Don’t let someone else’s negative opinion to influence you and destroy your world. No matter how much negativity was thrown at you, you shouldn’t stay in one place under the barrage of negative energy that plagues your life!

When people hint to you that you’re doing something wrong, it makes sense to think carefully about what you’re doing wrong. If this is indeed the case, then I congratulate you, it’s time to REALLY change. It is a positive experience that will help you to be better.

3. «Always will be»

Don’t confuse your path and your destination. If the goal is beautiful and lovely, this does not mean that the path will resemble a short walk. It could be a nice walk in the night in a terrible rain through the cemetery with a strange sound behind him. You can’t get rid of the pain immediately! It does not happen! Happiness is worth the wait, otherwise you will not appreciate. Much more important where you go than how you’re going. Every time you think that repeats something from the past, just ask yourself the question: «do I Really want this to be always?»

4. «Life should be easy»

Who told you that? No you will do nothing, go out and get it yourself. This is the only reasonable method though something to achieve! If you want it, you need to work on that. Otherwise, no way! All people dream to do nothing and get something. Some even convince others that they get it. In fairness it should be noted that sometimes someone really knock it out of the bag of money, but it happens so rarely, what to say don’t see the point.

5. «The easiest way to shift the blame to someone else»

We love to take responsibility for our successes. It’s easy! Success is generally a simple matter. You come and get it! That’s the whole point of success. But we deny that we have something does not work. This is wine country, people are around, but not us. So easy to blame someone. But the problem is that it is best to take the responsibility (not the material, of course, rather, preferably) for their actions, even if your apparent guilt there. Gonna be tight, man! To grow emotionally, it makes sense to meet with difficulties, to take responsibility for any results because nothing else.

6. «I can’t stand X, Y, and Z»!

Just let them go, feel the anger — exhale. You can’t control everything, but sometimes you have to choose between a douche and a shit sandwich. Such a life!

7. «If they look a certain way, they should be exactly like this»

Making superficial judgments are the worst thing you can do adult. But still people persist in doing it, because to understand you, believe me, too lazy most people. Making superficial judgments instantly predtavlyaetsya on the court, and the verdict shall be made immediately. But it’s happening in the world every minute, so worry makes no sense. We can see a man in a nice expensive suit and immediately assume that it is successful and reliable, but it can be very wrong.

Do not judge a person by first impression. We are not connoisseurs of human souls, so very often wrong. What you see is often what they want you to see. Don’t fall!

8. «The re — launch is a sign of failure»

Of course, it is not necessary to reduce your losses from a past failure by continuing to follow exactly the same path that led to the failure the first time. In other words, not doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. If it didn’t work last time and you did not make any significant changes, it probably won’t work this time.

The failures that haunt us and which we do not make any conclusions, shouldn’t stop us. If we do re-run, but not changing anything, we are losers. But if we draw conclusions, then everything can be. After all, this is a new project, right?

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