The game, which you can learn the history

Any game that is based on real events, carries with it educational function. It is always interesting, because fictional worlds are boring, and want more reality, even from the past. It’s always nice to make history of peoples, but at the same time learn from the last century, because they will never be superfluous. But this, of course, need to choose the right game.

Age of Empires II

Pora was.kom.ua_1.11.2016_NI9RkcD9QAkuuI have the feeling that the developers designed this game precisely in order to careless minds, who prefer computer classes at school, though somehow attached to the story. The game itself is very beautiful (at the time) and interesting, so that Willy-nilly interested in the story to understand what is happening a little better. And besides, the developers have taken care of the dictionary, which briefly describes the way of life of a particular faction in a particular historical epoch.

A separate item will remember the colorful splash screen before the mission even skip did not want to. Velvet voice told the history of a real historical conflict or battle in which we had to participate, and the pictures on the splash screen created the atmosphere. And let visually it was not very similar to reality, but a lot learned from this game more than the lessons of history.

Age of Empires give a General idea of how it looked the army of the middle ages, what was the name of the characteristic units of a particular faction, as it was called all types of siege weapons, what ended the battle of Falkirk who El CID, and where geographically took place the battle of Agincourt. For those times, it was the perfect game, which was enlightening and allowed to relax, building the city, evolving and fighting. Although the items were interesting.

Total War

What we lacked in Age of Empires is a large-scale battles. In addition, over time he decided to send farmers to collect fodder and repair of buildings. Wish these little things were solved automatically. That is what we loved the Total War series. Throughout the franchise, ranging from the Roman campaign and ending Japan’s feudal period, we took up a small country, and pulled him into the abyss, or did the master of the world.

A decent level of complexity that was not easy — the occupied territories were constantly rebelling, when opposed to the new religion, a new language and the fact that they are now owned by foreigners. Periodically, the knife in the back stuck the generals, thus becoming free robbers, taking half the army, and neighbors, sometimes even allies sent you spies, deserters and murderers, but only that swore eternal friendship. Apparently, could not forget, like 10 turns ago, you cut off their half of the land.

And what was hurt when you were turned down in a dynastic marriage. Offer only beautifully drawn, the daughter of a powerful neighbor, and he thumbed his nose and throws insults. So, we need to assemble a campaign and win Lorraine.

The game is good because it gives you the opportunity to feel as a ruler and to deal with all the subtleties of the political system of any state. Almost a trainer for young politicians. The game was as one solid historical reference that was acquainted with the people, many of whom have not even heard that shows where stretched their territory, which religion was in a particular season, and what troubles occurred in a particular period.

It is clear that full compliance can not be, because everything is in the hands of the player, and to repeat the real historical way the tribe gets pretty boring. And it’s even difficult to imagine how the Kingdom of Scotland ruled the land from Edinburgh to Antioch.But the main highlight is battlefield: big, huge, bloody. From childhood every man wanted at least to try to lead the fight 10000 choicest spears or bows and capture hateful… for example, Petrodava. It’s not a normal strategy, where a quick RAID on ally-style «Zerg rush» guarantees success. Needed to correctly set up your army to consider the weather conditions and type of enemy troops. From the realization that the same problems worried the Corsican Napoleon and ostgota Theodoric, the event acquires a new portion of epic. But if your fight is historically and geographically coincide with any known battle, the liability was increased three times.

Assassin’s Creed his famous series of Ubisoft have always tried to adhere to historical events of the confrontation between the Templars and the assassins. Of course, it is impossible to accurately convey and implement the game everything that happens, but to complain about the complete lie is not necessary. Especially when every study has a broad description. Learning all the characters, all the buildings and all the cities need is not more time than the passing game. And if to consider that in the entire history of the series came out a lot of pieces that have touched and the era of the Crusades, and the Renaissance and the French revolution, and even Caribbean piracy, all the works of Assassin’s Creed in print will be no less than the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Of course, a normal person will immediately have doubts about what makes history strange guy in the hood, which can be computed in the crowd as Ronald McDonald in the office. But the people, the architecture and events are almost always untrue, even completely without imagination and nothing happened. Well, it’s a game — sometimes you need to FIB to give the logic of things happening around the chaos.

However, it does not lubricate effect from communion with Machiavelli and a Black Beard, watching the March of women on Versailles, as well as the attempted assassination of Napoleon. Of course, the taste and color of comrades there, but the aspects of pleasing more than climbing the walls.

Mount & Blade Warband: Viking Conquest

Mount & Blade is a fictional story based on real history. All people and weapons in the game were their prototypes. Wandering through the territory of an independent Calradia, the service a vassal of another ruler, and the establishment of the state of wine and courtesans gave the feeling of something incredible. Jumping on the mountains and the valleys, gather a detachment of soldiers — hundreds, so three or four, riding on horses with the first person and they for you, dinning room blaring recorded Turkish voices. Then begins the battle with the other three hundred. And let all clumsy and not very nice, the main thing — the atmosphere and fun.

The game became so popular that by enthusiastic fans began to rivet fashion one after the other. Was outright fantasy like Clash of Clans, which is a parody of «Game of thrones», but there were relatively realistic fashion, like «Fire and sword», which tells about the times of the Zaporozhian Sich and the State of Moscow. But all of them have not been the scenario, yet it is not come from the developers themselves and not introduced the world to Warband — own the Supplement, which, unlike the game takes place in a real historical period, namely, during the conquest of Britain by the Danish Vikings.We offer a detailed map, which includes the British Isles, Denmark and Norway — in the total population is 21 Kingdom 6 unique cultures and about 300 towns, castles, villages and special places for research, study, capture and plunder. You come, for example, Hadrian, and to tell you what this place is. The game still looks primitive, but many of the scenes, including the architecture of the settlements, based on archaeological information.

In addition, there are 200 historical characters like Ivar the Boneless and his brother Sigurd Zmeinogorsky, Heralds even Fairhair, and Alfred of Wessex. The storyline was trying to weave the historical fabric, but it was not good, because the world of Mount & Blade is sensitive to changes. But an idea of what was happening in the North-Western part of Europe in the IX century.

Europa Universalis

Pora was.kom.ua_1.11.2016_5ON8PbEPDHDDBTo play it you need patience that can survive the century. But if you are already involved, to break away from it impossible. Because the lion’s share of time in the game you will exactly what to watch the results of their actions. To make important decisions, to exercise diplomatic procedure, and then long to watch as your plan comes to life.

On your conscience the fate of the individual state. Actually existing in a particular historical period. Do with it whatever they want: strengthen the army, to develop trade, engage in war, to find a New World. Most importantly, do not lose territory and not go into minus.

This is not Total War, here the war — not the essence, but a tool of diplomacy. Here you need to calculate much larger and longer. But the rest of the game is similar: you can easily study the history of local geography, economy, population and number of real historical events occurring in the game. Here historicism still more, because to seize half of Europe, as it was a Total War, will not work.

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