The game, which will be different each time

We do not open you a secret if we say that the quests in reality become an increasingly popular form of entertainment. More and more of our friends involved in such movements and beckoning us, and we are very conservative in this plan, refer to fashion entertainment with extreme caution. So we decided to investigate what was happening and to understand why these games are so attractive to the masses.

The result was a lot of reasonable arguments in favor of quests, found some very interesting representatives. But first, we will tell you about the essence.

A bit of history

The idea of such games is not new. She came from the West, the main impetus was the interest in the detective stories, which enjoyed great popularity in the early twentieth century. Separately allocate the real story of Constance Kate, who, as a 16-year-old girl, killed his own younger brother. Such events happen everywhere, but further investigation of the crime has entered the folklore, reflected in many art books (the moonstone, the Mystery of Drood Advid). The fact that the investigator had solved the riddle rather quickly and detained the suspect the next month. But the detective was a regular guy from the working class, the proletariat, and Constance Kate was particularly High.

The contradictions of British society were superimposed on one another, and engage new players who have a different impact on the process. There was a place in the history of the Church of England, and the government in the person of Lord Chancellor Westbury, and the Marquis of Westmeath. It turned out that the truth was pushed into the background, meanwhile, varied scenery, the players have changed, the motives changed. But, if you must know, it ended pretty nice for companies and unpleasant for the murderer: 20 years in prison.


Entertainment often use literary and historical sources. And quests in reality no exception. Their first representatives were recreated with the history of this violent and dangerous to society ladies. And any quest really can’t be exciting and intriguing without the detective. If you get used to the role of one of the participants. Be not just a witness of events, and a full player who can recover the thread of history in one direction or another. For this reason, in these collective games made a fixed number of participants (however, there are exceptions!).

Well written script – the key to an exciting game. The story must be interesting and not to read ahead, but it still needs to be mnogokasatelnoy: the actions of a specific party in a good game is always reflected in her plot twists. And here starts the problem for many Russian fans. Not every time you meet a truly amazing story, filled with suspense and a good role-playing. So, the first game is the most important that you define like you do that kind of thing. But don’t jump to conclusions, now full of people who really do not think through all these plot components, relying on the novelty of the phenomenon. However, delight dudes who still approach their work with intelligence and creativity. It’s about these guys that elevate the genre with his knees, and we want to tell in this and the following material.

5 reasons to go on quests

To begin with you a few important things about all this:

1) real quests not for roleplayers who somehow got an arrow in the knee. Rather, they are for ordinary dudes and that is valuable;

2) quests in reality pumped your IQ and ability to analyze information like you good old Sherlock;

3) quests in reality develop your communication skills, help to use specific communication techniques, which in real life is not particularly popolzueshsya (conspiracies, conspiracies, betrayal – all for the purpose);

4) quests in reality help to catch up and even find friends (not always break in with their company, you have to be friends and communicate with unfamiliar persons);

5) quests in reality a good option for corporate parties, friendly gatherings and other sorts of holidays. More unusual than another pool in the next Saturday evening.

Some exciting representatives

1. Hide and seek in the dark

A unique quest, which the authors brought to the genre something innovative and, in our opinion, quite a interesting. First, there is more action, but less of a detective. Second: «Who turned out the goddamn lights?!»

The script, as we thought, it was written with an eye to the children’s hide-and-seek, but of course it was created for an adult audience. Darkness, as before, is a mysterious thing. Even the modern man can be afraid of the dark. All the fault of our DNA millennia of history, when the night was fraught with far more dangers than now. However, «hide and seek» cannot be called a horror game. You don’t see it falling corpses chasing you clowns with chainsaws and pale girls with long black hair, threatening to drag you into the TV. The only people who can somehow scare is people from the opposing team. The creators, everything else, well thought out strategic element of the game. To defeat the other team, you will need to show considerable creativity, skill, ingenuity. Doing this is not easy, especially when all around you heard different noises, and at every step traps lurk.

All of this really cool and original, and not to spoiler, we told only a small part of the game. In General, hide-and-seek in the dark indefinitely recommend it!

2. The Lair Of The Vampire

Hell of fun! And because the quest is written with taste. If you find yourself in some typical vampire movie old school, with all these coffins, red shades, decadence and images of the past that discharged from many elegant works (Hello, Mr. Stoker!), have become classics. You’re in the castle where once lived the same Count Dracula, but as a tourist, because those days are long gone.» You might guess that out of the tourist flow can turn into sinister events?

«Vampire lair» is a classic in its structure quest, which has a chic embodiment. The authors wanted to create a «vampiric blast» – they created it. In addition, the game stands out against others: more autonomy, more puzzles and a great portion of the interaction with other participants. With a serious face to play in «the lair» will not work, because it’s all for fun, and it’s really great!

3. Cirque Du Satan

Another quest that will appeal to fans of the movie «It» or series «American horror story». Anyway, the story is about a traveling circus Henri du Satele performed at 100%. Not only that, there is a real, action-Packed and suspense plot, and beautiful scenery. For a while you can forget that it’s just a game, and outside the «Backstage» sinister attraction, is a familiar world.

In the game, we counted about thirty of the mysteries that if you have a certain perseverance, it is possible to solve in 60 minutes. There’s an age limit – 16 years, and, of course, thoughtful narrative pace, focus of mystery and horror elements.

4. Experiment X

In short, a good find for fans of post-apocalyptic scenarios and sci-Fi. Therefore, the quest is a godsend for us!

There is a certain virus that will soon engulf the entire planet, destroying all life in its path. With other players you try the role of a man destined to save Earth or to destroy it. You don’t have a lot of time and a whole lab full of mysteries. Outside of the laboratory is already dying city, the virus gets closer, the timer beats a rhythm that brings the lab to self destruct. You have to think quickly and coolly, which is not easy when nobody gives hints, and it all depends on your own intelligence.

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