The future of sex

the future of sexThere. Ago. Repeat. And so working with sex ever since they first took our ancestors hundreds of millions of years ago. Any thing, any perversion: and group sex, and footwork, and a Threesome – all this millions of times they tried before us. Even wonder why we are still interested to have sex. How not tired?

For so many years, nothing has changed. We still put the same bodies in the same hole. Isn’t it a reason to think that nothing will change until the end of time? Would be, if mankind so interesting. Today we highlight the predictions of scientists regarding the future of sex. The researchers assert that it is not far off. I have to wait some twenty or thirty years.

1. Condoms are a thing of the past

The history of condoms began even before our era. To their popularity two main reasons: the desire to prevent pregnancy and to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Taking this into account, it is hard to believe that one day the word «condom» will become as anachronistic as «wagon», «crinoline» and «petition». Why? Male contraception is not in place! Scientists have invented over a dozen ways to protect themselves. For example, a polymer spermicidal gel, which is injected into the VAS deferens, or means, what makes sperm to come out, before they reach maturity. Huge funds invested in the development of a drug called «Silodosin», which does prevent ejaculation.

According to experts, male contraception, a new generation will be available in ten years. And what about HIV and AIDS? Recently, Dr. Natalie Holt published a book about two cases of healing from HIV, all patients promise an optimistic future. Futurist Raymond Kurzweil says that in 2030-ies in the fight against diseases our immune system will help the nanobots. They will be introduced to us not only in curative but also for preventive purposes. So, theoretically, HIV will cease to be a threat.

2. Sex will lose its appeal

Japan is the beta tester for our future. One day we might Wake up and see around you, the skyscrapers, the girls in sailor and… indifference to the idea of sex.

A study conducted in 2013 by the Japanese family planning Association revealed that 45% of Japanese women aged 16 to 24 years of age or not interested in sex or despise it idea. More than a quarter of the men surveyed also far from carnal pleasures is the so – called «herbivorous men». They believe the traditional male role in the relationship too difficult for themselves: they are too lazy to do the first step to confess and to pay for the girl on a date.

Japan is a country with a negative birth rate, and this trend encourages Japanese women to anxiety. Scientists believe that the Japanese economy and equality in the workplace forced men to rethink the traditional concept of their gender roles. Perhaps one day with us will be the same. Western researchers have already started to talk about what the role of men as breadwinner rooted in the past and however, men begin to prefer sex to sleep.

3. You will be able to upgrade your penis

What prevents the rich old to get new strong members? Idea about penis transplants have already been in the air. Frankenstang – what is that? For the first time the transplant of a penis was held in China in 2006: failed recipient lost his penis in a car accident. Surgically, the operation was successful, but the transplanted organ was removed after 15 days because the man and his wife had psychological problems in its use.

While Chinese doctors have lost interest in transplant members, Western scientists grow functioning genitalia in rabbits. Create them from your own rabbit cells using a matrix in the shape of a penis.

Congenital defects, trauma and cancer of the penis, as well as banal dissatisfaction with one’s own size – soon all this can be corrected surgically. Just imagine: you take the cells and grow you a dick for your desire. Oh, brave new world!

4. Long-distance relationships will become much easier

Listen to this word: teledildonics. This term was invented in the seventies: the writer Ted Nelson imagined a future world in which couples have sex in the distance. The idea has been brewing for thirty years, and in 2004 began to receive devices for remote sex. One of them is simulator that allows people to sync various sex toys with a computer. Thus to control these toys can someone on the other end.

Simulator was one of the first teledildonics devices. Latest model – RealTouch, a line of devices with possibility of remote control and sync with the video. Wireless device for Masturbation, which is powered from the USB port and no wires! You can control it with the joystick (with a joystick all the same, what I want to do with your friend) as if he is an avatar of your penis. You can synchronize your device with the clip, then it will repeat the movements of a porn star.

It is believed that soon the technology will be able to recreate real sex. Teledildonics is constantly improving, the devices become more sensitive. Membrane sewn into cloth or gloves.

5. Electric friends

Teledildonic just starting their journey, but someday it will be better. Soon remote sex is to engage all five senses like you do it with your girlfriend. It would be foolish to think that this innovation will end. Once teledildonic’ll need a second player to she was altogether perfect. Then there will be robots for sex.

In 2012 Ian Eoman and Michelle Mars, sexologist and Professor at the University of Victoria, published a book «Robots, men and sex tourism» about the future that awaits prostitution in 2050. Researchers climbed into the future and predicted that men will pay 10 000 Euro for access to prostitutes fresh off the Assembly line.

The authors write that the oldest profession upgrade. First, artificial prostitutes, «nimrodi», deliver us from the risk of catching the infection due to the antibacterial materials. Secondly, adultery with a robot would not be considered a real betrayal. Third, this will stop sexual slavery.

6. The opportunity to share sex with the world

The advertising consultant Cindy gallop has created a website where people upload their own sex. This idea came when a woman found an interesting phenomenon. The younger was her sexual partners, the more they tried to emulate what I saw in porn: moaning, screaming, dirty phrases. Its basic idea is that ordinary people began to compete with pornoproduction and earn money. On her website loaded with videos from your phone, view it is neither more nor less than five dollars. Half of the proceeds goes to the website, the other half is home-made pornstar. The website aims to change the perception about sex. In social networks people post photos of romantic travel, and the exchange of information ends. Gallop sees the future in the exchange of homemade porn.

We used to document our lives on Instagram and on YouTube. In the future we’ll go even further and have sex on display.

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