The future of our body

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2014_pAN3dd2uV6OUOProgress can not be stopped. Slow down — completely. But to stop categorically impossible. The future seems to us strange and simple, it promises us deliverance from suffering, from heavy and tedious physical work. Scientists promise us a cure for cancer, eternal life and youth. But this is not all those things that science will do with our bodies, bringing us to the superhumans. Stephen Hawking says that cyborgs and nano-robots of the future, we have no reason not to believe him. have picked the most obvious predictions improve our body to Survive.

1. Gene therapy for hair loss


We live in a time when science is making great strides, but the problem of hair loss is still acute. Face you’re young, your hair and well worn out. Hair transplant — an expensive and often visible, also has some serious drawbacks: the unpleasant time-consuming procedure with many limitations (quality transplant lasts from 9 to 12 months), which does not always give a complete guarantee of eliminating bald head. People need another way to fight for thick hair, cheaper and more enjoyable.

Hair loss in men does not only depend on high levels of testosterone. Proved that baldness occurs because of the special number of genes responsible for this process. Block the effects of these genes until recently it was not possible, because the outcome was completely unpredictable. Nobody wanted to Wake up with a mouth full of hair! But at the University of Pennsylvania have created a lotion that can implant the necessary genes isolated from hair follicles of mice. The final solution to the problem of baldness can be solved in the next 10-15 years.

2. Tablet mind


Tablets of the mind are called nootropics, but for some reason we immediately remember tablets «Mentat» from the game «Fallout». The drug, whose development is actively conducted at the moment, affects neural connections, improving memory, increasing concentration and mental capacity. Nootropics are planning to use for the treatment of neurological disorders, such as narcolepsy. The 2012 study showed that drugs able to improve memory and concentration. Will they be used for a wide range of people and they have a number of negative effects have yet to learn. We still can only glycine.

3. Digital immortality


What is it? Our body is a mortal shell, subject to illness, old age and decay. A growing number of studies prove that the brain is just meat. If play artificial neural network can be transferred the identity of the carrier, and its data memory. Effects download all brain functions to the cloud and numeric characters are very numerous and fascinating. You can talk about them for a long time, but it is enough to read good fiction books such as «Neuromancer» Gibson. It may even be that humanity will be freed from the shackles of the despised physical body. Futurist ray Kurzweil believes that such condition can be achieved until 2045. If ray would be right, immortality for mankind maybe, but most likely the ordinary people to such mysteries will not allow.

4. The extension of the senses


Bionic implants for eyes and ears — surgically implanted electronic devices that allow the deaf to hear, and the blind to see. While these devices are not able to convey the depth and breadth of sound information from such a simple mechanism, like a normally functioning ear. But in future the researchers intend not only to make the perfect visual and hearing apparatus, but also to improve their sensitivity to inhuman heights. The opportunity to listen to conversations a mile away, to control sound and music with volume effect the best speaker systems — that promises us the future. Experts predict that the future of the bionic eye will have a much higher resolution than the human organic views. They also attribute a lot of other cool features: the ability to scale images, x-ray vision, night vision, image capture and thermal vision, like the Predator.

5. Beard transplantation


Unfortunately, there are people who can’t grow a beard. Or growing very poorly and pieces. Dudes from this life, but science will help these comrades.

Originally this method was invented for those who wanted to hide the scars on the face with strong vegetation. The procedure is already available, the only problem is that it is carried out for 12 hours and has a price tag from $ 5000 to $ 15000 depending on the density of the coating. The creators plan to make the method more accessible procedures in the future.

6. Faster, higher, stronger

The oldest existing prosthetics were available for more than 2500 years ago in Egypt. One of the mummies were found two wooden plates instead of fingers. Over the next two and a half millennia prosthetic technologies are not particularly advanced, but in the 21st century runner Oscar Pistorius whistled their modified prostheses with blades. There is an opinion that it is movable dentures made of carbon fiber, Pistorius was given an unfair advantage over other runners.

Scientists promise that in the future, mechanized limbs will be not only persons with disabilities but also for all other people. The idea of controlled bionic limbs is still in its infancy, but in the coming decades, mechanical arms and legs with greater functionality, sensitivity and durability these are widely available. You can remove the old cold appendages.

7. Stop aging of cells


Every seven years we become completely different people. Our body completely renews all cells, this means that when you’re 21 and you nothing left from the 14-year-old. At least at the cellular level. Each replacement cell is accompanied by the copying of DNA molecules. At the ends of these long molecules, there are «caps» called telomeres. They may impede the full transcription of our DNA. Telomeres constitute the end portions of chromosomes that protect them from unauthorized connections to other circuits. This little plastic «cap» gets shorter every time there is a replacement of cells.

Scientists have found that an enzyme called telomerase can restore the telomeres and keep your DNA from wear and tear, increasing the life span of our cells and their youth.

8. Penis enlargement stem cells

Still no one wants to admit that size doesn’t matter. Perhaps this primaskou part of our nature will correct the smart pill?

Recently three women vagina implanted, grown from stem cells. Currently, these same researchers plan to grow penises from stem cells. But the research Institute will soon be distribute to the genitals only to those who suffer: suffered from injuries or were born with defects. Now that we have to settle for just natural beauty.

9. Freezing and thawing


Despite the fact that people expose themselves to a deep freeze right now, there are no real possibilities to unfreeze itself without harm to health. In addition, there are no real guarantees that your body in General will remain. In 1979, nine bodies stored in cryogenic center in California, was thawed that the relatives of the deceased had no money for their content. And someone was planning to live forever, right?

At the moment to successfully revive it turned out only a frog, but she’s a cold-blooded reptile.

10. Pill weight loss


Most people are lazy. This is a very unpleasant truth. It seems that the idea of the need to limit yourself to the diet and engage in physical activity for many is unbearable. And they believe in the magic pill and medicinal rubdowns. Unfortunately, human laziness will get in the future another incentive in the form off genes gerdausta.

The researchers found that mice who do not have the gene IRX3 were much thinner than those in which he was. On average, these mice weighed 30% less because of the loss of fat. Interestingly, the mice were highly resistant to fat rich diets: the fat in them is almost not accumulated. It remains only to isolate the gene in humans to stop storing fat.

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