The formula for success Stephen Hawking

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2015_DB1mSImVYtSAgIn 1963, he said that he had a disease of the motor neuron and stayed several years. It was a twenty-year-old Stephen Hawking, who revolutionized physics and modern science. This man is an inspiration, he changed our understanding of the Universe, and has also been successful in promoting the natural Sciences, as evidenced by his book-the bestseller «a brief history of time». We can learn a lot from English professors, including the main principles, following which, he came to his success.

1. He used technology to overcome his disability

«Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.» Stephen Hawking.Professor Hawking often says that the power of modern technology can change the lives of everyone, and the ideas they carry can lead us to great discoveries that truly is amazing. We hear his voice through the speech synthesizer, and computer technology and the Internet help the Professor in research.

2. He has not allowed circumstances to interrupt his life’s work – research

“My advice to others with disabilities – to focus on the fact that the disease does not prevent to do well. And not to regret the things it interferes with. Do not allow the spirit to become as limited as possible.» Stephen Hawking.After he was diagnosed and announced to the doctors only a few years of life, he fell in love with and then married Jane Wilde. They had three children. At the same time he carefully conducted research as a physicist. He always believed that his disability is not an obstacle to the dream and goals.

“I was lucky that I decided to work in theoretical physics because it was one of the few areas where my health was not a serious obstacle. And I was lucky that as the deterioration of my scientific reputation has grown. Because of this I could take a position, allowing you to study without reading the lectures.» Stephen Hawking.

3. Curiosity as a main trait

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Be curious.» Stephen Hawking.In one of his interviews a scientist once said that he had the irrepressible children’s curiosity and he always asks the questions «why» and «how». And it is this curiosity that allowed him to experience the state of weightlessness.

4. He never lost his sense of humor

«Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, maintaining a sense of humor.» Stephen Hawking.He always joked about his appearance in such cartoons as «the Simpsons», «Futurama», «Stargate: Atlantis» and «Star trek». Parents also repeatedly acted in the TV series «the big Bang Theory», adding army of admirers and fans of the show.

5. He is not abandoning its principles

No one in physics is engaged in research for the sake of awards. It is the joy from discovering new things you previously didn’t know anybody.» Stephen Hawking.Throughout his life Stephen Hawking was concerned about the lack of sufficient funding for scientific research and education in the UK, and the lack of effective management of these funds. And when Hawking was offered a knighthood, he declined in protest: the state virtually ignores the needs of scientific activity of the country.

6. He never gives up

It’s not good to merge if you get stuck. In such cases, I continue to think about the problem, but working on something else. Sometimes years pass before I offer a way forward. In the case of the topic of information loss in black holes it took 29 years before it happened.» Stephen Hawking.Most recently, He has published a new study about the nature of black holes that have baffled scientists since the beginning of the XX century. He continues to explore this subject and to this day, despite criticism and controversy. This focus is a source of inspiration for all people who strive for success.

7. He values time as a precious resource

I have so many things I want to do. I hate to waste time.» Stephen Hawking.Stephen Hawking is also known for his research on the definition of the nature of time. And as we would not want to, it is impossible to bring back. And it is the most valuable resource that is in our hands, so we must use it wisely.

8. He shares his knowledge

«I hope we helped to raise the prestige of science to show that physics is not a mystery, it can be understandable to ordinary people.» Stephen Hawking.He is firmly convinced that it is necessary to share knowledge. His ambition is based on the desire to make their research papers publicly available, to allow them to be read by anyone. He recalls those times when he created «a Brief history of time», during a protracted pneumonia, because his aim was to explain in detail their work for the reader. And now, thanks to people like Hawking, physics answers many questions that once turned to religion.

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