The formula for a perfect 24 hours


All vying to offer the formula for a perfect workout, however, another important formula to a perfect day. You can find millions of articles, which refers to trace elements and exercises that will turn you into Titan, but to what avail, if your daily routine is lame?

Build muscle is a good thing. Eat right – too bad, but it is necessary that it remained at least some energy. In addition, for greater efficiency it is necessary to organize.

What does it do:

– for the muscles;

– to be slimmer;

– possess a large amount of energy.

Now let’s see what you need to do 24 hours a day for it to happen.

What to do at night

Tomorrow starts with Breakfast, not with a morning trip to the toilet, not with pressing the button on the system unit, namely the moment when you have not stood up. Why?

Because of the productive and righteous day to prepare for the parade on may 9 in advance. So you need to ensure quality, proper rest. And to the quality of sleep has improved, and the body has finally started to sleep, have to go to bed at the same time every night.

Lain in the arms of a strange pleasant citizen of Morpheus need at least 7 hours. If you need to Wake up at 6 am, then go to 11, and so on. Considers only pure, natural sleep, pure immersion process in dreams, teeth cleaning, digging in the phone, the traditional understanding of his life, plans for tomorrow. Only the time that you spent in an unconscious state. Every minute spent, whether it’s a trip to the toilet, reduces the meaning of the invention. I hope clear: if you lay down at 23:12, then have to Wake up at 6:15 in the light of falling asleep.

So, it’s not easy, but in the morning you will feel that not in vain to find fault with trifles.

Here are a few things that will help you to tune in to productive sleep

– turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime. They say it kills the temptation to use it. But at the same time, there will be more time for the evening toilet, and other things;

– try reading something a little lighter reading (Fyodor Mikhailovich will not work, sorry);

– after 6 try to do without caffeine;

less alcohol on a weekday;

– avoid eating for 1-2 hours before bedtime.

What to do in the morning

Rise and Shine like you’re Clark Kent

Do you think Clark Kent had begun each day with a frightened cry: «Your mother!» and used my superpowers to iron the pants, to have Breakfast, wash my hair and come up with an excuse for his being late? Hell, no.

The way you start your day has a huge impact on what will happen in the next 24 hours. It’s a new day, give him all you got. Fortunately, with scheduled sleep much easier.Drink a glass of water


After each awakening your light body dehydration. Before you drink traditional coffee (you know, whatever you wash down your Breakfast? What? Tea?), slam a glass of water. Clean water. Traditional, God knows where did the norms with 2-3 liters of water per day has not been canceled. We are not talking about the fluids, in principle, directly on the water. Like it or not – we will leave to the judgment of history, but from drinking 2 liters worse will not be exact. Besides the morning dehydration to overcome the need.


The movement is, as they say, life. In order to disperse the blood through catechsim thighs, to recover and to normalize the pressure, go outside for 5-10 minutes and do an easy walk. If you have a dog, consider yourself lucky to boldly combine desperate with pleasure. After the blood has passed to all organs and joints tendons remembered their functions, do light exercises:

The rotation of the arms 10 in each direction.

Lunges – 10 on each leg.

Push-UPS – whatever you can spare, don’t overdo it.

Squats – same as with push-UPS.

Small Breakfast

For most of us, a hearty Breakfast is a challenge. Chew eggs – still thumb the carpet. But Breakfast should not be heavy. Here is a classic set of tasty, healthy and not the usual Breakfast.


Prepare the oatmeal according to the classic recipe:

– throw a handful of nuts for satiety and a piece of butter;

– add 1 scoop of protein powder.

The band

– 1 Cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk;

– 1 Cup fruit (mango, strawberry, pineapple, etc.);

– a handful of spinach;

– 1-2 scoops vanilla protein powder.


This is not a typical latte. Instead, this latte is full of nutrients that will help build muscle and burn fat.

Here’s how:

– brew coffee;

– pour brewed coffee into a blender and add 1 tablespoon coconut oil ½ scoop vanilla protein, 1 teaspoon creatine;

– mix 20 seconds;

– pour in a Cup and decorate with a pinch of cinnamon;


Bon appetit!

What to do at work


Drink water

Remember: we, the earthlings, you need 2-3 liters.

Grab a bite

And add it to your coffee anything else. Still coffee is better than tea, because we used to think that it gives a charge of some kind of cosmic energy.

What to add to coffee? Here are the options:

– Apple;

– Carrot;

– Beef jerky;

– Mixed nuts.

Note: don’t overeat.

Do your most important tasks first

Muscle mass will not increase, but from the performance point of view, perhaps you will be easier to focus in the morning. Although, of course, it’s personal. Identify 1 or 2 things that you must do today, and with a wide smile on his lips and curses on his head, proceed to its implementation.

What to do for lunch

What to do for lunch? Of course it is. Snack snack, but to ensure the supply of nutrients in the right quantities is also necessary. Lean protein (eggs, chicken, tuna, etc), fruits, vegetables and some starchy carbs like rice or sweet potatoes.

Lunch is not the time to pamper yourself and resort to excesses. For this purpose, in the end, to eat dinner.

If you forgot to put a delicious and healthy sudock, don’t worry hunger with a Burger: nearby is always a place where you can eat healthier.

Do not forget about water. Your body is 83% water. Your brain is 73% water. Your muscles are 75%. The water begins to seem necessary?

By the way, will give you all the fresh scientific research. It turns out that the decrease of water in the body by 1.5% leads to a drastic reduction of muscle energy. So drink water, not to each percentage increase in the gym.

Talk to a friend. The body will not add anything, except for positive emotions.

What to do during the day

Again, there are that the muscles have been satisfied:

– Apple;

– Carrot;

– Beef jerky;

Mix nuts;

– Protein powder.

And of course to drink water.


And of course, training. Go up to her responsibility, in accordance with the plan or the mood, choosing the right equipment. When training a joy, and productivity increases.

Anyway, what could be better after a workout, a productive day?

What to do tonight

Take a break

You did a fine job: pored over the monitor, kissed ass on the floor training. Now for the labors you should be rewarded heaven and nature. Just rest: phone, TV, HiFi, computer, can get some sleep. Not necessarily lying, doing nothing, it’s boring and not always pleasant. Take a breath, what it looks like in your understanding. Want look someone’s stream, want to read the book. Take your pick, big boy. But nerves must break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Otherwise, you’ll have stress, and you’ll be like that crazy woman with your yard that does not allow to put the machine under the window.


Focus on protein-rich foods. Less bread, more vegetables and protein. It is desirable that the food was delicious. Not lean, not like the taste of Styrofoam, but a normal, healthy, well seasoned and a joy. And don’t forget the water!

Spend time with good people

You had a good and productive. Now it’s time to relax and spend time with the people in your life mean a little more than those with whom you shake hands, but I don’t know anything but their names, and what kind of car they drive.

A good day should end in a good company where all is well and you can afford any nonsense.

To unload the mental baggage

Before going to sleep better not thinking about things global and not burden ourselves with tasks that require excessive stress of the convolutions. Enough that going to do at work. Make yourself relaxed and lie down, buddy, to sleep.

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