The formation of personality: how your interests affect you

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2015_hNiEgsPdmrcZbHey, dude! We think you’re unlikely to notice for themselves the impact of information and cultural content, which bathe. But in fact it plays an important role. You can’t imagine how much influence the development of your personality all these comics, movies, books, that you absorb with greed. While the family ceases to be the benchmark of human evolution (admit it, it’s been happening for a long time), replaced by culture.

In childhood we are often copied certain characters in the animation, imitated favorite characters, and some even were imaginary game with fictional. Now you’re watching a Western with Clint Eastwood in the title role or «Clerks» by Kevin Smith. But as you take something from these paintings, some knowledge, wisdom, phrase. Of course, after a single viewing of «a fistful of dollars» you’re not going to be a formidable cowboy who can beat the assholes that robbed trains and banks. But when it takes 5-10 years, you suddenly start to understand that some of the ideas you learned from the film.

Your character, your personality itself is a collection of small particles. You can completely different ways to deal with the same problems, only because the situation in specific situation is different.

We are not so far removed from the animals, good or bad. Are you the same monkey that Hamming and copies what he sees on TV or reads a book. However, it’s not so bad, quite the contrary. You can use this for personal growth and development. We all know that are not born intelligent alpha males, and taking for example the behavior of some character, of course, will benefit.

Culture is an important part of life and many people much smarter than you decided, on your happiness, many different problems you can now avoid. Scientists, writers and Directors, they do their job and allow you to use it. And the coolest part: you do not need any religious dogma in order to develop moral, human side. What’s wrong with superheroes who are always on the side of the weaker and constantly save the world? Why is the morality shown in the products of culture can’t be useful? Embrace the fact that only a small stratum of humanity glorifies sadism and evil. And it is this praise in the cultural environment is nothing but a feeling of borders, the development of taste buds that you feel art. The dark side has always existed for narrow circles. Although, of course, the evil that is considered evil now, was not necessarily so in the past. The rest of the culture in varying degrees, contributes to a healthy trend of human development.

We don’t need rules to live in dignity. Simply read, watch, than to get involved. Who better to tell you about the romance, except of the poet Byron? And who kindle your thirst for knowledge than Stephen Hawking? The process of formation of the personality is a bit similar to the modeling of the sculpture, which eventually will be unique and beautiful, or just a rough stone, to which nothing can be done. Here we need caring hands. So try not to watch all in a row, cross out from the list of gear every day thrash on the Federal channels, such experience gives you nothing but wasted time. Replace shit with something more useful. you’re timid, then see a movie about a brutal man, not a fighter, but something more meaningful, the same Western or old-school American detective. It is likely that the stories you will find the answer to the question plaguing you. If you think that dumb as dirt, you could start with the nauch-priest, understand that you like the most about it, and maybe after some time you will be a specialist in any field. Finally, read books, try to develop yourself.

People crap when they say that such knowledge will not bring any benefit in real life. After reading «Pochtampa» Bukowski I finally decided to take control of my life, although it was a long time in limbo. A description of the fate that awaits you if you do not going to do, terribly sad. As a result, the book is in some measure gave rise to the real business. And may have been influenced by all text, and a certain kind of phrase – that’s how strong can be only one row.

In any case, you have to love what you read, watch. Otherwise, you will simply absorb information, but will not accumulate, you develop the necessary personality traits.

Of course, you remember how in school had a hard time doing literature, which seemed like a collection of the boring nonsense in the world, but when the external pressure eased, the same texts suddenly seem amazingly interesting and rewarding.

All in all, it is not captured immediately. Only after a considerable number of years, you begin to understand what is your character. The formation of personality – a difficult and quite long, but it is the path that you chose or not in childhood. If you ask for, you can trace the chain of interests, which are almost always linked. You passed from one author to another, even assuming that between them could be biographical connection. Then it turns out that the Director, whose films you look, inspired by the writer, which you had read, and after, and music is involved in this relationship. In the end, your mind is a collection of experiences and actions of many people, their thoughts filled with you.

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