The forgotten trainers

We already wrote about exercises which are all forgotten. We mentioned weights, forlornly gathering dust at home and in gyms. And now we will talk about the equipment to which few people pay attention, but to meet them in gyms currently, you can still. To write this post prompted me all the same visit dear pathetic fitness center on five floors, built up almost under the Windows of my house. Girl-the sales Manager tried to sell me their expensive summer card under the pretext that «only in their center features these unique simulators». Under the unique equipment she was referring to the simulator ladders, which, as I then thought, I somewhere met. And here in his home gym that I go to for a very long time, I came across the same dusty simulator the staircase StairMaster, which for all time of its stay at the gym I only once saw the girl. I decided to remember all the simulators that come across on my life path in different pumping units and did not use special demand.

1. Stairmaster


This machine mimics climbing stairs. It is unlikely that in life you can climb the stairs feeling as if your feet are chained to the shackles of ten pounds each.

Why it can be used. This is both a good cardio and a great load on the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and calves. Feet involved! Studies show that calories on this simulator are burning more than during the persistent run on the treadmill.

How to use it. There is a very good way to use this machine, such sets. The system is called «pyramid» and not only applies to this simulator.

30 seconds work, 60 seconds recovery.

45 seconds work — 60 seconds recovery.

60 seconds work and 60 seconds of recovery.

60 seconds work — 45 seconds recovery.

60 seconds work 30 seconds recovery.

Repeat two or three times, and your feet will just fall off. I recommend to do in the beginning or the end, but to begin at once, because even a trained person the next day cannot straighten legs. The next workout add another approach.

2. Machine for pull-UPS

Why it can be used. This machine is also with me in the rocking chair, it is very often used by girls, hand strength is not enough to pull ass. Therefore, if you are reading this article girl, very recommend to use it as women because of the disproportionately heavy lower body and extremely weak hands catch up very badly. Bro, it can also help, because to catch different grip, not everyone is able, which is a little sad. The machine removes the weight from your hands, making pullups easier. It works on this principle: the more weight you have set yourself, the easier you will catch up. If you got to level 10-20, you can try to catch up on their own.

How to use it. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. Start with bronirovannom grip.

3. Stand climber VersaClimber aka


I have never seen this machine in use, so I had to Google. If you know the exact name of this simulator, let me know in the comments.

Why it can be used. Very good cardio, although for me personally a great cardio — bike and elliptical.

How to use it. It is recommended to do before the training. At a fast pace you spend one minute workout. Rest about a minute. Begin the next session. And so eight times in a row. The photo looks pretty innocent, but on several videos the process seems very tedious. And strange.

4. Trainer for rowing, or for the thrust block to the abdomen

The Americans call him a trainer for rowing, and it is actively used for training of the teams with the sport of rowing. It is called a simulator for the thrust to the stomach. In gyms quite often.

Why it can be used. This simulator provides an excellent comprehensive load on the body, and it can be used as a cardio trainer. Working hands, feet, broad, upper back.

How to use it. For a start I recommend you to make a quality workout for all body parts within 5 minutes to a pleasant warmth to the body tech. So you will save yourself from potential injury and overtraining. You work on the simulator half a minute and resting a minute. So you repeat 8-10 cycles (a cycle is work plus rest). How to do it right, look at the video.

5. Ergometer for the upper body


I Google and found this fashion for some time trainer. In the gym he was, too. How to use it, I have no idea, but today I try to understand.

Why it can be used. As I understand it, this machine is perfectly applied to all kinds of physical therapy. Generally, any gym can you find a simulator that can be used for physical therapy, so that’s another reason to go to the gym. But the ergo can be used and healthy dudes, although personally I think it is almost pointless trainer with some far-fetched use. You sit in front of the machine and twist the two knobs. That’s all. As physical therapy, IMHO, is fine, but like a normal trainer?

Why it can be used. Dudes claim that it’s great cardio that you can do on an empty stomach. I will not argue: for some skill in cardio, you can transform anything. The creators notice that it tones up the upper body, specifically the biceps and chest. I personally believe that this is a good exercise for ladies who have thick hands with the hanging fat that some idiot called «angel wings». Ladies and attend physiotherapy! And more!

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