The fitness challenge for the month: first week

Well, started to change their lives for the better in the beginning of the year? Don’t be embarrassed, we’re not going to criticize. Just probably on your list is «Join a gym and work on my health.» So, do not need to be recorded anywhere — we have for you a gorgeous month a plan to turn into a handsome man. It does not need to carry iron, enough handy tools.

Itself month program broken down by another 4 week program, each of which is different. So every week we’ll post you a new program that will start your Mondays, or when you begin training there. The first week is introductory, not particularly fancy, but nevertheless great.

Day 1

The first day is a little harder than the easy walk. This is an introductory lesson in the monthly challenge, only in a very delicate mode. The whole process takes a little time and focused more on the fact in order to impose the habit of exercise and test what your body is capable of. So the first day will be only 10 minutes. At worst 20 if the forces of the car, and play in the giveaway you’re not accustomed to.

Since the first training session is evaluation of the forces, then you need to stock up on a timer, and a place where you can record all your indicators. Fake it in front of anyone, so you can use a pen and piece of paper.

The first two exercises — push-UPS and sit — UPS performed in 60 seconds. So write down how much you can get done in that time. This will be useful in the future. Final exercise bar will be. No time limits, no restrictions, just check how much you are able to keep the bar. Once poniknet head, ass will be pulled to the sky, and the body will start convulsively, barely noticeable swing, execution will have to stop.

Remember, all these numbers are needed in order to determine how far you’ve come. And now directly to the program:

— Squats. It is necessary to explain something? Feet on width of shoulders, heels are not torn off from the floor and keep the back straight. Arms can be removed for the head, and in front of him. Don’t forget that this is a test — look at how much you can make per minute.

— Push-UPS. The same need to hold on a minute. How to do push-UPS, everyone knows.

— Plank. Fell on the floor, raised himself on elbows and socks, pulled the body to the string from head to toe, trying not to touch the floor knees and hips to reach for the sky. And wait until complete knocking out power.

Your stiff calf really need this series of stretch marks, so falling in love with her because she will be your guide to the world of flexibility for the next month. It is intended for all major muscle groups and completely devoid of any complexity. Chill out in front of the extreme, but you will feel later. And yet:

— Stretch the triceps. Bend the arm at the elbow, lift up, removing the hand behind his back. Free hand take his elbow and start to tilt it a strong movement in the direction of the head. So 30 seconds on each hand.

— Stretch the shoulder. Hand pulling before a free is taken by the elbow and begin to pull it towards the opposite shoulder. 30 seconds on each hand.

— Stretch the chest. One hand put on a belt, the other on the arm attach to the side and begin to take the arm back as possible. Again 30 seconds on each hand.

— Stretch the quadriceps. Stand on one leg like a Heron, not Corluka. Free leg bend the knee and hold the heel to the buttock. Reached for the foot of the bent leg (right there at the back) and start to pull it up. And so 30 seconds.— Front flap. Your gym teacher called it an exercise just «stretching». Feet shoulder width apart and extend your hands to the floor as possible. It takes less than 60 seconds.

— Stretch the flexor muscles of the hip. Tie in accordance with the canons of physical education lessons, where, as it seemed, in addition to this exercise more than any other no. Hands on hips, do a lunge, bending front leg. The rear remains stretched. Subside several times. And so 30 seconds.

— Stretch the calf muscle. In standing, lean hands on the wall. Make a lunge forward with one leg, the other pressed the heel to the base (the floor), and the straight leg hold. Fix the position at the end point and hold for 30 seconds, after the change foot.

— Stretch the hamstring. You need to sit on the floor, one foot pulling, and the other bent at the knee, placing it on the floor. One hand took hold of the Shin of the bent leg and the other reach to nose of an outstretched leg. So 30 seconds on each side.

— Stretch the calf on the back. Lie on your back, throwing your knees bent one leg over another. Take hold of the thigh of the leg which is as if from the bottom, and start to pull him to his chest. Similarly, for 30 seconds each.

— «Butterfly». Sit on the floor, raise the knees, bring the bottoms of the feet together, back straight. Next wrap the feet with your hands and start doing the flapping motion, the knees up and down. If you go down try to relax, to stretch muscles was due to its own weight.

Day 2

The second day is a kind of door to the more hardcore exercises. You’ll need a timer to keep track of six rounds of 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. One such circuit is a 6-minute drive away. And you need to make four.

— Squats.

— Plank.

Alternating lunges: lunges, first with right foot then with left. Don’t stay in the lunge and immediately go back.

— Oblique twists: sit on floor, legs bend at the knees in front of him and start to lift body, alternately turning left and right.

— Deadlifts on one leg. Stand on one leg and start of the straight arms to reach to the floor. In this case, the free leg must be straight and be an extension of your body. In each round, change the foot.

— This exercise is very a lot of ridiculous names, for which it is difficult to identify, so just describe how it is performed. Get on all fours and start to pull the left arm and right leg as if to cross.

Day 3

Need to do 3 chains of three different exercises. Each exercise is performed for one minute, then without rest go to the next, resting exactly one minute after 9 minutes of hard work. The whole exercise takes approximately 30 minutes.

Part 1

The caterpillar: from a standing position, stretch hands to the floor and start smoothly-smoothly to move hands forward until you are in plank. Then in the same way come back in original position.

— Push-UPS.

— Leg lifts. Just lay on your back and begin to lift straight legs.

Part 2

— Crab: sit on the floor, legs bent, hands behind the back, then climb on hands and feet and begins to move backwards.

— Lie on the floor face down, stretch your arms and legs and begin to lift them upwards, caving in back.

— Same exercise only on the back. Lie on your back, arms extended, legs too. Start be connecting the arms and legs face. Do not forget to pick up another and head with the body.

Part 3

— Climber: assume a push-up position and start at speed to get your knees to your chest.

This triceps. You’ll need a chair, stool or other similar surface height. Turn your back to the chair, put his hands on him and start to squat.

— Plank.

Day 4

A kind of day of rest, in which the preference is given to flexibility and cardio training. You can choose from the following options:

Option # 1: 30 minute walk/jog.

In 30 minutes you will alternate 2 minutes of 2 minutes walking and running. You can split the exercise into 2 or 3 parts during the day — it’s your life, do what you want.

Option # 2: Cardio.

Perform each of the following exercises for 60 seconds without interruption. Complete 4 rounds, and as a result, you’ll have 20 minutes of cardio.

— Burpee.

— Jumps.

— Twisting.

— Jogging .

No matter which option you choose, at the end of waiting for you 10 minutes of stretching, is designed to support flexibility and range of motion. Flexibility is one of the five major components of fitness, so to ignore it is impossible. Nothing new to offer, just do the same thing that was stated in the first day.

Day 5

On this day, nothing new will be one solid repetition. If absolutely everything is easy, you can use dumbbells in the exercises, which they can still be used.

You wait six rounds, 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. One such circuit is a 6-minute, you need to make 4, resting a minute after each.

— Plank.

— Squats.

— Lunges.

— Oblique twists.

— Deadlifts on one leg.

— This exercise is very a lot of ridiculous names, for which it is difficult to identify, so just describe how it is performed. Get on all fours and start to pull the left arm and right leg as if to cross.

Day 6

Towards the end of the week, and you may get tired of sporting life. In this case, it is possible to extend the break between exercises for a minute. But in any case it is impossible to cancel or postpone training. Sacrilege.

Exercises are performed on the same principle as in the third day. 3 circuits of three different exercises. Each exercise is performed for one minute, then without rest go to the next, resting exactly one minute after 9 minutes of hard work. Exercise, by the way, exactly the same.

Part 1

— Push-UPS.

— Leg lifts.

The caterpillar.

Part 2

— Crab.

Twisting in the abdomen.

Twisting at the back.

Part 3

— Climber.

This triceps.

— Plank.

Day 7

Last day in the week nothing special will be remembered, except by a complete repetition of the fourth day. Before you are faced with a choice: either a 30 minute walk alternating with Jogging (only this time 2 minutes of running, walk one), or cardio, which also includes:

— Burpee.

— Jumps.

— Twisting.

— Jogging.

Well, in the end — stretch. Say, it’s a comprehensive recap of the fourth day.

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