The first time

manygoodtips.com_11.04.2014_VjNXgb4aP7WKtYou will know you have found the girl when I first make together with her a few things.

The first time you speak together

You superadobe. She’s sitting with a laptop next to you, and you are reading a book and there is no discomfort. You don’t feel the need to constantly prove to himself and to each other that you are in a relationship, so we have something to tell each other. You do not have to talk to communicate and to have fun. Silently go about their business in the same room absolutely fine.

The first time you realize it you prefer

More than all your exes even at the peak of your relationship. It can get on your nerves, drive you crazy, to sulk like a child — but even in this moment you realize the important thing. You don’t want to quarrel with anyone but her.

The first time you are naked together

And you don’t feel uncomfortable. She accepts you for who you are, and took a long time. You have a body and she’s got a body. You can join them in space — even just in the middle of the day, not closing the blanket in the sun. She sees that you have skinny legs, but it doesn’t bother you.

The first time you realize that it is easier for you than with others

Even easier than with your best friend. It makes you experience a crisis of identity: it took you just the way you are, and you didn’t even notice. At some point came to you: did you just get up in front of her one of his strange quirks, and it is as if nothing had happened: «Lunch to cook don’t want to?»

The first time you tell her the secret

She listens, nods, takes your hand and says how she is important. You shakes this simplicity: «well, this is it? Why, in fact, I thought it a terrible secret? He could not harm you, rather the opposite.» Has become easier.

The first time you are apart for a week, and you’re sad

But you are in no hurry to repeat the fate of young Werther and inconsolable suffering. Glad you miss, and when you meet, until you realize: it seems that now everything is normal. No scenes, no African passions, calm and patient.

The first time you realized that you know it to the end

Like this Supplement to you. You can assume that she will choose from the menu how to react to your question as a joke. You know what her daily schedule. It might seem strange and even a maniac, but fortunately, you are not strangers to each other.

The first time you pay attention to the other girl

She’s nice, beautiful, but you know that what you have is once and for all, you don’t want to lose it. To resist temptation, you need superhuman endurance, tremendous effort and self-control, but your relationship is worth the pain. They are better, they are more important.

The first time you realize you want to be there for her always

Before you finally get it, how people can marry and fearlessly to treat the words «until the end of his days.» You could be with her until the end of his days.

The first time you realize that you are loved just as much

As if this has never happened.

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