The first private space truck

The company Rasah developed the first private reusable spacecraft to transport cargo under the name Dragon.

Reusable space truck Dragon uncovered the solar panels and prepared for docking with the ISS, as report to us dudes from NASA, watching the launch from Cape Canaveral of a rocket , the Falcon 9, which brought the Dragon to an intermediate orbit.

Dragon will reach the ISS at about 15:30 Moscow time on October 10. The operation of the dock will hold with a 17-metre hand-manipulator Canadarm astronaut NASA Sanita Williams and her Japanese colleague Akihiko Hoshide, their.

The space truck should deliver to orbit about 450 kg of various cargoes, including clothing, equipment and materials for the 166 science experiments.

Dude, in the future, you have all chances to become a space trucker, think about it!

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