The first man in the world…

The world is full of men who made the first something uncommon. We will discuss the first 5 of these men:

1. The world’s first pregnant man


Here it is necessary to make a small clarification, the fact that before getting pregnant, Thomas Trace Beatie was a woman, almost from early childhood, perceive themselves as men. In 2002, at the age of 28, he made a sex change operation and became known as «the Pregnant Man» after became pregnant through artificial insemination in 2007. The sex change operation was done in such a way that the internal genitals were preserved and Beatty have begotten three children using donated sperm because his wife was barren.

2. The world’s first man who visited 201 country without using a plane


It would seem, what here such? And you yourself try to get from one end of the planet to another, overcoming the distance even on the plane seems too large. In 2012, David Graham Hughes has visited all the countries of the United Nations, Taiwan, Vatican city, Palestine, Kosovo, Western Sahara and so on. He spent on their travel day, just $13. And got into various scrapes. For example, he was arrested in the Republic of Congo, was arrested when he snuck into Russia, broke through the blockade in Cuba, were arrested in Estonia and was in jail in Cape Verde. After his trip, which lasted 1 426 days, filmed the footage was turned into a television series for National Geographic channel called «the World of Graham»,.

3. The first man who crossed Niagara falls on a tightrope (1859)


30 June 1859, Jean Francois «Blondin» Gravely became the first man to cross Niagara falls on a tightrope. Blondin was born on 28 Feb 1824 St. Omer, France. And at the age of 5 years after some 6 months of training he made his first appearance in public as a «Wunderkind» (as he called for his superior skill and grace).

He always had the idea of crossing the Niagara Gorge on a tightrope, and he did this on 30 June 1859, and performed his trick more than once with different theatrical variations: blindfolded, in a sack, on stilts, Kate wheelbarrow, carrying a man (his Manager, Harry Colcord) on the back, sitting down midway to cook and eat an omelette and sitting on a chair that stands on the rope with only one leg. Despite his dangerous career, Blondin died in his bed February 19, 1897 of diabetes.

4. The first person who climbed to the top of mount Everest and reached both poles

Sir Edmund Percival Hillary became interested in mountaineering when he was young, its first major upgrade was made in 1939, he climbed to the top of mount Olivier. During the Second world war, he served in the Royal new Zealand Air force Navigator. Hillary’s expedition to Everest was part of a British reconnaissance expedition to the mountain in 1951.

29 may 1953 sir Hillary together with Tenzing Norgeem became the first confirmed climbers who climbed Everest. Time magazine named Hillary one of the 100 most influential people of the twentieth century.

5. The first person in the world who stripped for photos in the magazine

In April 1972, Cosmopolitan magazine published a centerfold of a Hollywood star Burt Reynolds lying naked on a rug of bearskin.

This shot was a good promotion Cosmopolitan in the forefront of American pop culture at the time.

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