The finest in the world

The finest in the world

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2014_qmQtEVFrF658MYou probably already know a lot about condoms. Maybe read the history of the condom on the pages of our magazine, and anyway, you’re a grown man and know all about the rubber bands. But today we will tell you about the thinnest condoms in the world, produced by Sagami — Japanese representative of the Empire of contraception.

Sagami Original – a special line of condoms made of polyurethane, which have a thickness of 0.02 mm, which is 3 times thinner than standard condoms.

What makes these condoms different from others? To begin with, of course, would have to conduct a crash test, but it’s better if you believe in the word, and then you’ll see the following: they are almost imperceptible, invisible, indispensable for protein latex Allergy and several times more reliable than invented about 100 years ago, latex condoms, to which you have grown accustomed. Well, anything Japanese you quickly wean.

The only their disadvantage is high price. We would not say that it is unattainable, quite a reasonable price. But the feeling and quality sex are exactly that. Do you agree? It’s like Tabasco, which we’re already talking. Is more expensive than their followers from the shelves of Auchan, but tastier and juicier at times.

You and your friend like the variety in sex? For Sagami is not a problem, because in addition to condoms made of polyurethane, the company produces and latex condoms, the range of models which is updated annually. Treat, they’ll find condoms to suit every taste and color. By the way, you can forget about the proverb of the Soviet times, which says that «to use a condom — it’s like that smell roses in a gas mask». This is a long-lived nonsense. At the present time, people have learned how to make «invisible» condoms. can write a lot and revise a lot of tests, but better, of course, to try. Well, you know what we mean. Give a friend a night in a Japanese style. I think she will be surprised to learn that in addition to sushi and rolls from the Japanese she was prepared and sex. More precisely, an indispensable accessory, or can be called for sex.

If you look at history and again a pause for hot and protected sex with a friend, we must recognize that without a computer and other modern technologies, there is news much less often, however, the majority of them belong to Sagami. Don’t believe? Well, let’s turn to some interesting facts. 1949 – Sagami has developed and released the first color condoms (yellow and blue) in the world. Cool, isn’t it? Let’s see what happened next. 1963 – they released the world’s first form-fitting condoms, so they weren’t always like this. On this Sagami has not stopped and in 1976 started producing the world’s first point rubber contraceptives.

Yes, the Japanese are still entertainers, but if they do not, then you wouldn’t have such a varied and interesting sex. But apart from the sensations during sex for you and especially your friend concerned about the health effects of most of these condoms that you use regularly. That is why in 2000, the year Sagami was developed and released by condoms treated with acidic solution and a water-based lubricant that does not affect the pH-factor partners. But the most common option is the use by most manufacturers of anesthetics lubrication to prolong erection. As with any chemicals, it will negatively affect health, and also gives not a very pleasant feeling, like freezing at the dentist, in addition, possible allergic reactions. Sagami, as always, went its own way and has developed a range of models for everyday use that help extend the pleasure» with no chemistry.

Company Sagami during its existence managed to turn and complement the rich history mustachioed brand (we are now on condoms in General). And the Japanese, as always, impressed with their ingenuity and resourcefulness, especially in the field of sex.


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