The films worth seeing this year

All the time it seems that no one takes anything worthwhile these days, but actually it is not. Last year gave us the «Django unchained», «Dirt» and a few good movies. Some tapes in this list are not yet released, while the others went out. Not to say that all of these paintings are brilliant, but they are worth to see them. List no more blockbusters that will collect decent box office and those movies that have all chances to be liked or to be good. Well, or remembered at least.

1. «Hotel «Grand Budapest»»


The film is notable for the high ratings and excellent actor Ralph finnes, which you could see in the role of evil Nazi Amon goeth from «Schindler’s List». A great European film, which features a detective component, strong sense of impending disaster in the face of World war II (in the film the action takes place between the two world wars) and great acting. A bit like the General atmosphere of another film Fiennes -«the End of the novel».

2. «Nymphomaniac»


A two-volume Saga of the controversial Director Lars Von Trier, to which many quite mixed feelings. A five-hour story about the hard life of a sex addict Joe can seem to someone inconvenient, someone hilarious, someone boring, someone overly ambitious, someone brilliant, and someone is absolutely meaningless and outdated. Despite the fact that in the enlightened world it is accepted to say that «Nymphomaniac» in two parts very much, it is best to look and personally to form an opinion about events. To be honest, all the sex scenes, genitals and even outright deviation produce the same impression as the clip of the famous band «Rammstein» Pussy». Sometimes really funny and sometimes a joke is frankly delayed, which allowed only «Monty ^ Robert Cushman». In any case, the picture is worth of attention.

3. «Only lovers left alive»


Movie lovers name Jim Jarmusch speaks volumes. This man made a remarkable film «Dead man» with johnny Depp, which is definitely worth attention. This film is suddenly a vampire story about two creatures that live for many years. Of course, raised the topic of eternal life, the unreality of it happening. Really high-quality story about vampires, which is worth a look. And there is quite an interesting woman Tilda Swinton, which manages to attract even despite the fact that is not beautiful. An amazing personality!

4. «Macho and Botan 2»


The sequel to the first movie and the TV show based on it. The story of the friendship of two very dissimilar people who were police officers. It looks like a good action Comedy, which is not much. Starring Jonah hill and Channing Tatum.

5. «Disappeared»


The film is a Thriller from David Fincher, who was famous for «Fight club». A tense story about a girl who went missing on the fifth anniversary of the wedding. Naturally suspect the husband, who else to suspect for the fifth anniversary? The film in Russia is expected in October.

6. «Interstellar»

The film is well-known for the trilogy «the Dark knight» Christopher Nolan. The writer was made by Nolan’s brother Jonathan, by the way. He also took the script to several «Batman». Starring lit became famous recently flashed everywhere Matthew McConaughey, which turned out to be a great actor. Nothing about the plot is not clear, only know that will have a paradox wormhole, the sites that are linking two spaces in different times. Perhaps it will be a sequel to «the Beginning», but to remind him of the movie «interstellar» is exactly.

7. «Big eyes»

I bet you know Tim Burton and his numerous works. Someone they like, someone like only an old job and someone it does not tolerate. «Big eyes» Tim Burton planned to take a very long time. Saying that the film will star Christopher waltz, whom you may recall in the role of a German spy in «Inglourious Basterds» and the role of the other Germans in «Django unchained». Good actor. The film tells the story of the artist Margaret Keane, whose work her husband for a long time, gave for his. Work Con distinguished by the fact that the children in them have unnaturally large eyes, which makes them similar to Japanese animation. When exactly the film will be released is unknown, but promised this year. Apparently, the painting continues the ideas of another biographical film is Burton’s «ed wood».

8. «Birdman»


Superhero Comedy with very delivers cast. And the role of the main character — Michael Keaton. You may know him on the first two Batman movies by Tim Burton, he played the role of the Dark knight. Michael also starred in the role of Beetlejuice in the same Burton. But it’s not all good actors that you see in the picture. «Our very own» Zach Galifianakis for the first time will play a negative role of an evil producer. But two good actors is not enough: the filmmakers got their hands on Edward Norton and several famous Actresses such as Emma Watson and Naomi watts. The film will release by the end of the year, but the exact release date is unknown.

9. «Boyhood»


The shooting of the film began in 2002 and ended in October 2013. Think they just reversed the film, and then returned to him? No, that was the plan, because the picture is called «Adolescence». Director Richard Linklater spent a whopping twelve years for the shooting of the film. And lead, Ellar salmon managed to grow from age six to 18.

The film’s protagonist, a boy named Mason is also growing along with the actor, but not as Harry Potter, and really growing. The film is very good tells of a boy’s life in a difficult period of growing up, trying to establish themselves in the human world and survive the divorce of his parents (they are played by Ethan hawke and Patricia Arquette). The approach to shooting the tape is indeed very interesting. The picture has already went out and was successful at many festivals.

10. «Inherent Vice»


Of course, the film industry of our time is not enough, particles of film Noir. But Director Paul Anderson decided to shoot the film «inherent Vice» by the crime drama writer Thomas Pynchon, to shift the karmic balance. The drugs, the decadent atmosphere of Los Angeles in the late 1960s — all in the tradition of neo-Noir. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, a three-time nominee for «Oscar». Also in the film you are waiting for Reese Witherspoon and Benicio Del Toro. Will tape on December 12, but this is not accurate.

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