The film adaptation that outdid the book

Hollywood loves books, but their content, ruthlessly reshaping the plot and characters. But sometimes, in the midst of pain and frustrations we come across real masterpieces that can cause even the authors of the works something like «This is much better than the shit that I wrote!»

1. «Haze», 2007 story of Stephen king’s «the Mist», written in 1980, is one of the few more or less optimistic books with an open ending: the ugly aliens from another dimension have attacked a provincial town, and people were running aimlessly, breaking through the thick and dense fog in an attempt to escape, although the chance that civilization came to an end, even very large. Hollywood decided to splash out on the product of the King of Horror more black paint…

Father, son, and a small handful of survivors escape from the supermarket by car, but nowhere to go. Instead of waiting for a long and painful death, the main character kills all his companions, progresiv their heads with bullets, but the bullets themselves are not enough. He gets out of the car, hoping to die like a man, met the enemy face to face, but with the damned fog leaves the tank. The military has brought the situation under control, and our hero just killed his family and friends. Hurl.

Critics unanimously squealed that the ending is «terrible,» «embarrassing, «improper», «nihilistic». All were waiting for comment from the king, because he is known to be very possessive about the film adaptation of his novels: the writer admitted that he hated mystical Thriller Stanley Kubrick’s «the Shining» for his strong discrepancy book. And the fact that the film has become a classic of the genre, his little worried. Also, the king repeatedly pleaded with the studios that had the audacity to reinterpret the original story.

This film adaptation of king was delighted and said that he would write this ending if I’d only thought of it first. In fact his experience says that people like it when their imagination is afraid of such images and situations of absolute despair.

2. «Interview with the vampire», 1994

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2014_NfZlH2oPb1xm8The ordeal of the author of the eponymous book by Anne rice, began in 1976, when she adapted the plot of his Gothic novel about vampires for a script and sold the rights. And then for twenty years she fought, argued, threatened, demanded Hollywood editions not to overreact on the product: the main characters, and even little Claudia, wanted to make grown women, after all, murdering children, even the living dead is too sad. (Can you hear the laughter? It’s Stephen King…)

In General, when in 1994, work began on a film, rice has lost faith in humanity, at least that part of it which lives in Hollywood. The next shock was the news that the role of Lestat was chosen as Tom cruise. Her brainchild, dark, sexy, and mixed with blood, now plays «top gun» meter with a cap in the jump. «It’s hard to imagine how they will succeed,» – with feigned cordiality, said the writer. Most likely, the Mat and crying from the interview cut. In the future, when any questions she has openly stated that they did everything they could to prevent the inevitable shame.

But one of the producers sent her a copy of the film and insisted her to look at her house. The world of fans of this picture finally and irrevocably took control of the mind of another woman. The picture is so much impressed that she wrote an open letter to his readers, where gave the film a laudatory epithets, calling it «flawless», «perfect» and «exceptional» that is not excluded, because the actors who played in it, was «extraordinary,» «magical,» «amazing and beautiful». Plus she personally paid for ads in several magazines, to sing odes of praise of the film adaptation, taken from his book.

3. «Fight club», 1999

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2014_J3SCnKNBwbJCRChuck Palahniuk surprise the reader’s world bestsellers to this day, but only two of his works have been filmed as they are definitely not for everybody and is very odd for a glossy pretentious Hollywood. For example, «Fight club»… Almost all the time, the film adheres to the original story, but in the end love-romantic line almost absorb the basic idea, plunging us into the depths of emotion and mixed feelings. The book was as the main character tries to commit suicide, and failed, getting only to the hospital, which he confuses with Heaven. And in the film we see crumbling walls, buildings, everything is incredible fireworks, and our already mentally healthy, the Narrator holds the hand with his beloved Marla. He hacked the system and found love. This is cute-cute-cute!..

Palahniuk, which is cool enough refers to standard patterns, said that was very pleased with the completion and stunning visuals. Moreover, the writer liked the way the movie streamlined the fragmented storyline of the book and turned it into something coherent. He even noted that he was a little ashamed of his book, when comparing it with the movie.

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