The fight against depression next time you want to send one and all on yuh, and to hide in the darkest corner of the room and a couple of weeks never got out here what you need to do:

1. Perspective

Most often the frustration comes when the result (no matter what) does not meet expectations. The problem here is that we all sometimes tend to expect something supernatural, when the supernatural happens, there comes frustration. In other words, too often you want all at once.

But the reality is that to achieve something really cool, and perhaps even the supernatural need a lot of time and effort. Nothing good is born with one snap of the fingers.

So do not rush to get upset, look at the state of your business in the long term. There is a possibility that it’s not so bad.

2. Experience

Remember that any failure is not only about the different shoulder of the bartender, but also important experience. Rather like this: failure — first of all experience. The main thing is to give yourself the trouble to reflect on its causes, analyse the consequences… in short, to try to understand what you did wrong, not just despair.

3. Stay true to yourself

We do not encourage you to be stubborn, fixated themselves on the sheep who do not see and does not want to see anything except the previously opened gate.

Adequate for any person it is natural to change your views on life over time. But don’t let the circumstances break you down, to cause to turn away from what you really believe.

4. Don’t let your ego hinder his development

Be able with dignity to accept constructive criticism and to draw conclusions from it. Be a man, don’t «hurt feelings».

5. Stop comparing yourself with others

Dude, there’s no faster way to sink in the dead of depression, you begin to compare yourself with others. This you, this — sports succeeded and in 23 years own business. You can only see one strong side of the other person and have no idea when, and what they have problems, weaknesses, where did this «successful business» and so on. You are who you are, and you go your own way. You have to compare yourself today with yourself yesterday, and no one else.

6. Don’t think about the awards

When the only motivation for your actions is an opportunity for them to get some kind of conditional «candy», your bad deeds.

«Candy» in this world, little man. And if you will each time be upset that you didn’t get the promotion, or worse, not going to work on something do not promise rewards, then you definitely will not achieve anything. And the longing will never let you go. You should have your own «candy», something motivating you and it comes not from without but from within.

7. Revise your communication

Sad as it may sound, very often feel unhappy we make our friends and loved ones.

No need to betray his own mother. However, scour the list of their friends and acquaintances on the subject of personalities that are driving you into depression. But do not hasten to burn all bridges. Perhaps your relationship is in need of modernization and not at the end.

8. Change your rules

I repeat: for adequate human, it’s okay to change their beliefs, views on life. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your head. If you feel miserable because you didn’t open all the way to 24, as expected, you may want to reconsider their beliefs about business.

9. Take a walk

Sun, fresh air, the wind — those are the things that help to perk up and body.

10. Talk to your mentor

Your father, grandfather, beloved school teacher — in your life surely there is someone, whom you trust, whom you respect and who you can contact for advice. So, what are you waiting for?

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