The fear of failure that kills you

manygoodtips.com_21.11.2014_93n5gghFP7vcjWe often talk about the fact that you’re a lazy ass, and trying to motivate, but, unfortunately, sometimes you’re just not going to happen, just because of fear of failure. Not always laziness leads you, sometimes you are at the mercy of fear. And that’s fine. Not only women can be something to fear.

Perhaps the fear of failure just follow you, and you’re getting frustrated, knowing that you can not cope with this task. Dream of a better life, but doing nothing to implement, justifying all their fear, supposedly nothing will be able to achieve in this life. It is better to live in an old building, there are only seventy years.

You were always a mediocre guy, almost everywhere you have a soloist, you don’t have any outstanding talents, you’re just a guy who deserves only the any thoughts about the wonderful bright future. Only in this beautiful and bright you will never fall. Why you think that. After all, we can’t leave it unattended and pass. Now let’s try to help you to deal with the problem.

1. Do you think that it’s just a childhood dream

When you’re young, full of strength and confidence. I think that all can achieve, because you’re so talented! You even wanted once to become a pilot. So why are you now on a post of the Manager? Where did the old dreams, and why are you not able to realize them?

There was a time when you really believed in yourself, almost all could be overcome. It was a few years ago. Why, along with age and added this stupid uncertainty? Why suddenly came to realize their worthlessness? Most importantly, no one is to blame but you. Changed your world, at some point you lost the romance, which was soaked, as if exhausted.

But not before denial? Many find their calling after 50 years. Why don’t you take a look at these people with respect? If they could do it, so can you, most likely, you will succeed to do it even earlier.

2. You used to go with the flow

«God,» or other similar phrases that you go – all cheap excuses. You used to do things carelessly. Even in school I learned: always count on someone. Of course, the school does not determine the future of man – this is a common example.

You used to live as it is relaxed. «If fate will smile to me, then I’ll be», and while you can learn a bit of the mood of Oblomov and fell on prosalendis sofa in a stuffy room. Unfortunately, your life does not get better without your direct involvement.

It is better just to go with the flow like most people do, because at one point they stop you and offer you your dream job. Or, finally, win a million, because you recently sent 21 packs from the instant noodles – these were the conditions of the contest. Probably you did it faster than anyone, and your name will be remembered.

3. You believe in your incompetence

Talent does not exist, or rather, you’re not born with it. Can grow in yourself something similar to talent, but again on it also have to work. Maybe once you wanted to be a journalist or a writer, but somehow once again I bailed on that idea. What’s stopping you to go back to it and finally implement your plan?

The articles that you read in our magazine, why. Why do you think that you don’t get to be a part of this system? It does not need some kind of specialty. In order to become an artist, writer, singer or someone else creative, don’t need to have a specialized diploma. People will appreciate you for what you do, not for some papers.

4. But you have a talent for finding the cause

You’re just the king of excuses, have mastered this art to perfection. Although, wait, that’s not an excuse, you’re just not participating in something for a good cause, and not looking for excuse. They say that in life you need to try everything. But, most likely, in life you need to try everything you want.

Over the years, more will ensure that compassion is undone – almost the most depressing thing in my life. So move if you feel the urgency.

If you lack on the way back home, I take a chance and pull the weave of thongs strippers. No matter what you put her in panties only fifty dollars. Probably generous man will not lift this disassembly, more importantly, to dancing naked aunt doesn’t suspect anything.

5. You’re not like yourself

At uni all the women wanted to make in front of you their wet panties. You were confident and focused on a promising future boyfriend. What happened to you? Now you’re average guy with a belly who takes as a compliment vulgar gaze from the salesgirls in the meat Department.

Dude, go back to yourself, in your body and bring your brains! You are not really cake, but more like a dull shit. You are not helping at work, you’re not trying to prove: sit on the ground, while colleagues move up the career ladder.

All is not so rosy, just think, you can’t see. You want this miserable life and disgusting Breakfast in the dining room. You don’t see anything strange in the fact that they live in the gray squalid room while in the next room sleeping parents. You are completely satisfied.

6. You hate your life

You accept their existence, but cry at night in a feather pillow, cursing his life. You don’t understand why it happened that way. No matter what in the morning back on the familiar circle, and everything will go as usual until after a month you again will not be covered.

But why you hate your life? To blame, you yourself have arranged themselves such entertainment. And we must fight you too. Why suffer? Much more productive to act.

7. You lost

You have no goals, you’re just mired in this swamp. You’re lost and you don’t see the way back, so sometimes it seems that it is too late to change something that it’s better to wait until the end of this place, still no chance.

If you’ve been in this state, you go to risk. The slightest possibility of risk – and you immediately have to rush in there. It’s time to Wake you. Have you changed countenance, and this sweater!.. After all, you wore it in 10th grade, and now I go it to work! You don’t exist in this world, really got lost somewhere, so now put all forces on searches, and once found, then immediately drop into ice water.

It’s sad to watch you slowly die. I want to have a little staying with us. After all, we’re not strangers. We are ready to support you, therefore we ask you not to give up. What good is to read motivational articles, if they don’t help you? Listen finally!

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