The favor: not a word about the money

manygoodtips.com_2.03.2016_9TtfOGG2MjPHPWhat about the ruble? The patient is still not recovered? Ah, well, to hell with it, they themselves will get out of the disadvantages with which we were surrounded by hostile nature. And this time referring to the experience of savages. They had no currency, no work, but how they lived, what they did, and certainly among them was also «real men» who keep their life in their furry paws.

For currency expect stupid, not let you hope for a promotion. You’re already glad that you left your job. But eat less and less, and exercise had to be abandoned or some kind of cool trip. What to do, how to survive dude and always be in the business? It’s simple: think about the ideology of «returning the favor» and fuck everything else.

Ancient men

There was no coin, it was not taxes, not state. The tribe and the need of the tribe for food, protection, training and fire. Each member of the tribe did what he did best. Who knitted the Slippers, and someone ran after the deer. But if the dude was able to make Slippers, he did not leave them to themselves – he swapped them for food, and then sat down to create something. And all this was not systematic. People just understand that it is natural and if they are to survive. How this experience can be passed on to the present day? Explain.

Let’s say you have a cool Barber and your friend is a wonderful teacher for the Chinese language. And here you decided to learn the language of Mandarin, and it seems the solution is obvious: you cut your friend and his family, and he deals with you language. Nobody never pays, but all be satisfied.

Not only between friends

And if you want to get more benefit from this natural exchange, then you need to look not only their friends, but also towards friends. Find out what is their specialization and how they can help you. Offer them your services in exchange for their help. At first this will seem like a very strange form of communication, but then you get used to it. At some point, you create a community of people that will simply help each other, and it is an achievement. It’s the mafia, without the murder, racketeering and trafficking in heroin.

Informal enterprises

manygoodtips.com_2.03.2016_bkiYhthjNEZ8kIn childhood we are often told stories about wooden rods. One branch break easy, two harder, three harder still. But if you got three dozen bars, to break them will be extremely difficult. So it is with people. Analytical psychologists call figure 50, when talking about the best number of people in the community that will work together. We are far away, but unite is really worth. Especially at a time when we don’t feel any support from the outside. We ourselves should become the center of this support. Let the country be formed such informal associations that will take responsibility at least for their own, let and household well-being.


Incorporation in the rules «favor» makes it not only more saturated (and a lot of new friends), but also more economical. You can now spend money only on those things that you really need and which cannot be obtained any other way. Quite a useful strategy if you want to survive in the urban jungle.

The responsibility for your life

Eventually you become more self-sufficient and independent person, because you’re not going to rely on the power of money or help from the state. Most problems can be solved in personal conversations. I would say that 90% of the problems faced by people can be resolved face to face. If you will be established around the horizontal connections, you can always find an intelligent lawyer, enforcer, or the installer. And these people will not deceive you, because at some point you yourself will help them (if not helped). And yet such linkages ensure that you have a vibrant social life where there will be friends and partners in the work, you can rely on.

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