The fans who piss everyone off


Those of us who are fortunate enough at least once in your life go to a game, you know that, apart from atmosphere, there we were waiting for something else. Or rather, someone. The atmosphere around is not always friendly, especially if you’re out of luck and beside you, in front or behind you absolute imbecile. Or, even worse, you get into a bunch of stupid bullies. Happen.

People do a lot of shortcomings, and some of them are, when we are going to watch a sports game. I, of course, not a scientist, so I don’t know what the exact mechanism of this process, but I have been to sporting events and know perfectly well there are people who just freeze — ruthlessly, senselessly and mercilessly on my nerves. They join us, normal dudes who sit quietly and watch the match, not commenting on it every five seconds: I understand that no one needs my review, because everyone will see what happens. Or some stupid curse team every time you score the ball well, righteous anger, what to do. So, these people in the stadium no one likes.

1. The narrator

Or I would even say scientific, narrator. To add the significance of a person. This man » thinks of himself as a sports commentator. We’ve all seen them: Sportbar, for example — but I do have to admit, sometimes signature, do not hold back and comment. However, the narrator is usually not drunk — he is just a pretentious jerk who knows everything about sports and sincerely believes that he must demonstrate his erudition everything else.

Yes, cap, we all watch TV and know what is happening there. Now shut up and give us a fine view.

2. Cozy fuck

These occur in the stadiums. They get so comfortable that everyone else immediately becomes uncomfortable. How so? It’s very simple. Stretch your hands on the backs of adjacent chairs, as if you’re an eagle and you’re flying. But like at home! Put your feet in heavy boots and the back of the forward seat for my dear, this is a Holy cause! What disturbs someone? So here he sits, freely scattered his carcass. As if he were one.

3. Reporter

These give me a burning hatred. Sit you’re sick, worried, and then you notice that beside you is sitting and integramed what is happening there on the field or floor. Or ice — depends on what you are watching. Why are you even here? To brag that you came? Show all priceless picture?

Irritate or even ladies, who do not pay attention that on the floor, actually play: stand near the railing and start posing until someone votet on the phone. «Oh, that’s pretty bad, let’s go again». The woman we’re trying to watch Hello!

4. Glutton

This dude starts eating as soon as it comes to the stadium. It seems even puts the record on the visit to the buffet. He’s eating local burgers, popcorn, candy bars, bought at exorbitant prices in the cafeteria, drinking coffee. Sometimes he even comes in pre-McDuck to buy himself something for the game.

Let them eat as much as you want and grow fat as you want. It’s not that — although it is strange when people love sport, and themselves are massive. The fact that these people stand in line forever, you miss part of the game, and then ask you, miserable, who was near them that they missed. I hate to translate the game into the game, because I sincerely believe that since you’re here, you’re interested and you’re watching her is like to drive. I hope I’m not the only one.

5. Friend

When I was going to write this paragraph, I was trying to decide which is worse: a friend in the sports bar or at the game? At the bar a friend more comments, and comments are usually stupid, and the game she’s shy and conservative. Although I’ve seen girls become aggressive directly into the game — and it’s awful.

In short, to watch with a woman bad, especially when she’s sitting next to his mate and thinks he can say what he wants.

Although I, like everyone else, believe that my friend is not the case: she knows the names and numbers of the players, and sometimes even looks closer to me and describes to me how the ball got into the basket.

6. Family man

My dream is to take their children to basketball. This will be an adventure! However, I know that when this happens (if happens), I will instantly want it to be over. Children and the game is a combination of gluttons, friends and the dude, asking stupid questions (I do not know whether it comes to him, but he also pisses me off). So to sit with the family at the game is no fun, especially because you need to remember that swearing at children is not accepted.

7. Fascinated by the scoreboard man

This type is much more than looking at the numbers on the scoreboard than the game itself. On the basketball he looks at all the figures at once: how much time is left until the end of the period, the end of 24 seconds, which account for who has how many points, Oh, and what is written there, Oh, Oh!!! Easier would have sold my ticket to someone else.

Although sometimes look at the time to the end of the period just has to take precedence over emotions. Here I understand it.

8. A dude who is in a hurry to leave

Why even come to this? Three minutes before the end, and he had already gathered and left. May change the score, and he got up and left. Perhaps we will win — where you going? Why the last three minutes wasn’t important to you? These are the people who, after performance in the theater not clapping, and immediately run to the closet: no respect, no culture. I think their pictures should hang in front of the entrance, as it did in the book with photos of the thieves: even embarrassed.

9. Interesting

Loves to stare at the audience. That’s some weird mental defect: they feel normal only when you comment on someone or something that has nothing to do with the game. The stadium is not a shopping center, it is not necessary even to pretend that you can behave exactly the same. Why the hell should I turn around and see who sits in what row and what’s wrong with him, if I’m watching the game?

10. Dude, asking too many questions

Here you are. Sometimes he even photographed, as a reporter, because for him everything here is unusual. It’s like he knows nothing. It’s okay if he came for the first time, although not quite: he could prepare himself — knew where he was going. Question about the rules. Question about rivals. On the next game. About the players. Nice man, I myself do not know thoroughly their biographies, what do you want? Shut up and Google it, preferably after the game.

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