The false dogmas imprinted in the culture

manygoodtips.com_7.10.2016_i9D9Ivs87qYCO«Know the truth» as a rhetorical strategy.

Media position themselves as the unquestioning mouthpiece of truth. They do not offer information and do not call for reflection, they simply declare it as a dogma, which should adhere to. Thanks all the same media, the government positions itself as the best friend of a man who knows what to do, where to go and how to behave. Religion opens access to God, assuring that it is enough to sacrifice, to believe in and wholeheartedly support God’s servants to secure a place in the Kingdom of heaven. And the schools teach one simple thing — there is always someone who is right: mom, the boss, authority, father, so it is not necessary to show their opinion, it is necessary to examine the books and to be like everyone else.

And what do we get as a result? We get a conserved, universal truth for all, which completely deprives of the ability, and Subpart and the desire to think, just to think. They seem to say: «Brother, we will relieve you from the fear of the unknown and insecurity, just stick with us. If you don’t understand — don’t be scared, as it should be. But if you’re not with us — hard you have to».

For this reason Kurt Vonnegut once wrote:

The tiger must hunt, and the bird to fly. People have to sit and wonder: «why, why, Why?» Tiger got to sleep bird to land; Man got to tell himself that he understand.When you cease to follow blindly the dogmas of society, then by definition become a person and personality. In addition, this position is a brave man who does not blame their failures on bad luck, and therefore keeps his life under control. That vparivayut us society submissive monotony, is not conducive to personal growth.

In your life cannot and should not be uncertainty

Only mystery enables us to live, only mystery.

– Federico garcía Lorca –From the very beginning, from the early school years, the system has already determined what is best for us. An excess of «experts» of varying degrees of ignorance and the right advice almost led to believe that we know enough about the Universe to be happy.

In the 15-16 years we are well aware of the traditional, «normal» life in which people go to College looking for a good job and their place in the world, have children, take out loans, and finally calm down, quietly existing until death. We are all bombarded with these terms in mind, as a «career», «next», «plan your future» and so on. The idea is that they should make us the right people to exclude from our lives all the elements of chance and uncertainty.

But one day the whole system breaks down: we have dead relatives, we laid off to cut, we throw, we throw, read wise books, listen to trapped in the closet of the subconscious voices of their own shabby «I», and surprises so many is that retreating from them all is physically impossible. And we understand that cram us with school sandwiches the theory is not so perfect. Countless events, large and small scale happen contrary to our expectations. Countless questions are beyond our understanding. Our efforts to establish certainty and control over the Universe are replaced by awareness of their own powerlessness in the face of such powerful substances.But we can’t avoid the unknown. Eventually it will return to devour, to torture and maim us. All of these «dancing with uncertainty» nicer than dancing on broken glass, so you need to accept the fact that circumstances are more cunning than we. Just can’t plan, so to assume that will be with you in 5 years, so much sense as to require chewing gum, otseplena from under the table, to be delicious. Much more interesting to realize that we are a part of the magical and incomprehensible process called «life», you will not suffer. It failed to make any philosopher. Just admit it, and then you’d have the humility and openness to learning and opportunities, and surprises will cease to hurt to hurt so much.

You deserve all the time feel great

manygoodtips.com_7.10.2016_jNyhi5JsuBOBc«That gosh, he just made himself, because he’d been drinking Nescafe, took Drops and doing binary options».

Culture puts a premium class is an essential attribute of happiness. Any character, devoid of glamour, moronic smiles and arrogance is seen a bit differently. How can a self-made man look different? The advertising says what the product will lead you to success, the phone will give confidence in the way, but forgets to tell you how to deal with the emotional emptiness and acute bouts of dissatisfaction that arise of even the most successful people. These things make the rich the authors of numerous books on motivation to commit suicide.

Perhaps happiness is not only worldwide recognition, but also the harmony with the wide range of emotions, which periodically covers human mind.

Perception of life from a position of «everything will pass, that too» is more valuable than a line drawn, almost lurid image.

In addition, as argued by many thinkers, our pain can become a significant catalyst for sustainability, self-knowledge and compassion. Friedrich Nietzsche, clocked moustache, valiantly said: «that which does not kill us makes us stronger». Viktor Frankl, the famous psychotherapist, I thought that in his suffering we can find a deeper meaning. Dostoevsky, Schopenhauer, Rilke, and many other writers, poets and philosophers looked for the essence and meaning of on the verge and in poverty.

So, to sum up: if you feel like Satan has sucked out of you all the happiness through a straw, then you’re just a living person, and you need to spend some time with these feelings alone. Try them to realize, because everything is temporary, and if now you are very bad — so soon will be very good.

You should not be afraid

The universe loves brave, it removes obstacles from their path.

– Terence McKenna –the Society implicitly tells us the terrible fact that the world is a harsh and scary place. And as you know, man does not tend to want to yourself various failures and problems, so he tries to avoid. The best way is to be careful, because we risk only attracts problems.

But otherwise, if the media are trumpeting daily, almost every second rape, murder, disaster and other amenities of civilized life. It feels like they do to cool the ardor of man, like, calm down and sit still.

Of course, in the world it happens to a lot of unpleasant things, but in the shadow of film Noir can’t see the bright colors of life. Media distort our perceptions, shocking exaggerate stories teach us to look at the world and see the tragedy and not the possibilities. This encourages us to take the safer route that we advertised in the school, and as the majority of citizens.

Not to mention the fact that all that fear leaves us in a constant state of anxiety. Shock and awe literally kill the ability to think logically, so necessary for critical thinking. A frightened man hiding in a private bubble and begins to follow simple points. like «US vs terrorists», «people are inherently bad», etc.) When fear dictates our way of life, we avoid things that beckon to them. Often things that we really want to do, cause fear. Suddenly we succeed. This fear prevents most of us «do the trick», that is to Express yourself authentically, to show its true nature. But as said all the same Vonnegut:

We must continually jump off cliffs and develop our wings on the way down.

Purchases do not change anything

manygoodtips.com_7.10.2016_6uyT3Qb9zDDasThe implication for 99% of consumer advertising: «You’re inadequate, ugly, not cool, not funny, of average intelligence, assumed, affected, but our product can fix you.» Advertising is designed to instill in us a sense of anxiety about some aspect of their lives to give us the feeling that something is missing. That void can be dispersed «only for 4999 rubles.»

This rhetoric of consumerism (consumerism is an organized movement of citizens and state bodies for extension and protection of the rights of buyers) culture, and damn it is effective. Look around: people are working endless hours, week after week, year after year, and for Full HD TVs they will be watching from the power of 2 times a week; a new mobile phone, silicone body parts, liposuction, a new wardrobe, which has until next spring «out of fashion»; plastic fruit for kitchen decoration, piles of pillows that adorn the bed and are removed when they go to bed; diet pills and endless list of trivial trinkets, referred to it as bullshit.

Someone will notice that get rid of all these rattles from life is impossible, because they fill the void. Bullshit! This is a common habit that gives only fleeting pleasure. Consumption — only cyclic distraction. No external accumulation can not solve internal issues. These things require time, reflection, introspection and willingness to support the unpleasant truth about ourselves. It is not surprising that most people try to avoid it.

Good and bad people

From childhood we are told: «Behave yourself, Siegfried, see how others behaved.» On said set of ethical rules that define whether a person is «good» or «bad». Most of the stories in which we grew up, was unequivocal about the characters either good or bad.

In addition, those of us who were brought up in an atmosphere of heightened religiosity, know that Homo sapiens are by nature sinful. And that «good» people go to heaven and bad burn eternally in hell. Therefore, in some countries criminals are not seen as those people, and how fiends who deserve decades of a strict mode or the death penalty. A second chance is not given.

Most often it is justified, but as far as regular life, this dichotomy of «good» and «bad» is firmly entrenched in mainstream culture. It digs deeply in our fundamental view of the world, giving rise to guilt, shame and doubt about our actions. We cannot deny the fact that people are scum and most of them very bad person. Some of us do so disgusting things that no pen, no keyboard and no language will want to describe them. And we all make mistakes that ultimately hurt people. The problem of cultural dichotomy of «good» and «bad» in that it convinces us that any ephemeral error can have consequences throughout life.

Of course, we have to take responsibility for their actions, but we must recognize that factors that are beyond our control also affect our mental state.

Take into account that as humans, we can falter at any time. The deck is composed of against us. What we fuck up, it is possible to fix it, — these two forces are fighting inside us, like the two mythical wolf, personified good and evil. We are not «good» and «bad» in the traditional meaning of these words. Kahlil Gibran when he wrote about this wonderful line:

You are good in countless good deeds, but you are not evil, and when you do good, you are just wasting time and procrastinate. Pity that the stags cannot teach swiftness to the turtles.And the understanding of good and evil in everyone, and it develops from the lived experience. But there are still a lot of controversial things. It once wrote Bulgakov in «Master and Margarita» showed us the Devil, more like God.

You’re no better than they

People define their identity by contrasting themselves to others. Group — community of people who are in opposition to each other, provide an ideal opportunity for such contrasts. For this reason, the world is infinitely divides itself into groups. Jocks, hipsters, nerds, feminists, fans of the Vikings, environmentalists, atheists, Communists, junkies, cyclists, vegetarians, transcendental idealists, and the like.

Unfortunately, the social dynamic is a slippery slope toward narcissistic hostility. A healthy sense of pride in the community could become elitist sense of superiority with a corresponding desire to annoy his so-called opponents. These types of relationships can be clearly observed in religious communities, political parties, between races and social classes, and in countless specific niches, like the struggle of militant raw foodists and enthusiasts of unhealthy lifestyles.

But on the other hand, without those differences we’d be as the minions or pop singers is completely different from each other. We create our identity by contrasting ourselves to others, so we should be grateful to those who are not like us. On a deeper level we can understand that our personal distinctions are illusory.We invent endless variations in the current game of human drama, when in fact, we are all members of one species that lives on a tiny rock in the mysterious void. In addition, we all living entities, and all filled with the same guts and organs.

The idea that «we» are better than «them» is a fatal mistake, which, throughout the history of humanity has led to countless wars, genocides and unspeakable cruelty. So we leave you with one very wise saying of the famous philosopher and researcher of conspiracy theories Robert Anton Wilson:

My goal is to try to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God alone but agnosticism about everything.

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