The eyes of the mayor of Toronto did not survive the collision with the press


So, the fact that the mayor of Toronto was at the center of media attention, not to be envied. And why? Because he’s canadian, and, as we know from «South Park», they’re all weird.

Ego canadian politician and part-time mayor Rob Ford has been particularly hard hit after another not interesting press conference. The mayor strongly moved towards his car to go home and eat (most likely) a couple of pancakes with maple syrup, he arrogantly waved away from the press, not answering her questions, acted a little rude, suddenly justice in the face of the lens of someone’s camera caught up with him. Rather, his eyes, look at this video, man, I don’t envy him.

The reputation of the mayor of Toronto also suffered from each cry of «Ah f*** man. Holy Christ!» However, journalists believe that he has it: the mayor is not very fond of the press, and treated her accordingly. In fact, it suffered the deserved punishment, which is probably God sent to the press.

Now, say everything to his face in court.

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