The exoskeleton Kuratas – prepare for the attack Godzilla now

manygoodtips.com_9.02.2015_27cLOu3kMeJVePerhaps fearing imminent attack Godzilla or at least Crabzilla, Japanese engineers from Suidobashi Heavy Industries has developed another crazy expensive thing, designed to tickle the nerves and to outdo the rest of the progressive world. This metal beast was created by Japanese inventor Cohor Kurata, who is often known as the Japanese Edison. A huge four-meter exoskeleton on wheels Kuratas is now available for open sale on Amazon for only a million dollars. This unique product presented in a single copy, so just start hard to save.

Inside job is hosting a special cabin for the pilot, which manages the edifice, though not at high speed – up to 10 km/h. Those who at first find it difficult to trust this jewel of engineering, offering remote control via smartphone. Kuratas weighs five tons, has six wheels, powered by diesel fuel, and military model of a robot equipped with a machine gun. In General, troggbane Kuratas easily kicked the ass of Hugh Jackman in that movie about Boxing robots.

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