The eternal question: «what to believe?»

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2015_alxgLG8VUd7VuFor centuries, man himself does everything possible to complicate their lives. And then looking at the result of their destructive activities, begins to look guilty by asking eternal questions.

«I don’t believe in magic,

I don’t believe in mantra

I don’t believe in Jesus,

I don’t believe in Kennedy,

I don’t believe in Elvis,

I don’t believe in Zimmerman,

I don’t believe in Beatles,

I just believe in me,

Yoko and me.»

John. Lennon, who knew what singingwith a Thin thread through all the text will be the most sincere song of Lennon, in which he explained all the things discussed here. Not only that, the song is good, and wise.

One of the most difficult question is: «what to believe?» It becomes particularly relevant in an era when people don’t believe in anything out of principle. A growing army of cynics, and for them, «he that believeth» has become synonymous with weak-minded weak-willed fool who doesn’t believe in anything and only hoped that the bearded man on a cloud or His Majesty the Case will take and fix everything. It turns out, optimism is a weapon always smiling nerds, and faith in God – the weapon of the stupid masses. Only now it appears that it is the faithful happy. They somehow simpler. And the whole depressive drone is obtained from narcissistic and self-sufficient critics.

If you listen to their arguments, then you need to destroy all the adventure novels, movies and fantasy. The girl Ellie, like an idiot, hoping for the help of a clown by the name of Goodwin. Optimistic creature. Destiny brought her to the tale, and she began to ask for a powerful wizard (some churches pray by him) to bring her home. Live among the songstress and jumpers – not… stupid.

«God – concept

which we can measure

our pain.»

John. Lennon, However, this does not mean that you can go and just hide behind faith like a shield from all the problems. You can of course try to steal wallets, hysterically yelling: «don’t touch me, I’m a believer! You have no right!» If in heaven there is some kind of higher power, you she was tired. We have so zadolbali the Lord God, that he does not believe in their strength. A priest once said: «God believes in man.» Putin believes in man. And what you’re tougher than those guys? Theoretically, they can help you, but only once. And don’t expect every time you’re in trouble, the firmament asunder with the President in Golden armor and not give your grandmother to rewrite the apartment scams. It is not, you will be able to help people. But most likely, you don’t have a six-foot guard who is walking behind you even in the toilet, so the only person who is constantly in touch with you,… You yourself are. All you need to believe in themselves.

Abstract what does the phrase «to Believe in yourself?» In its existence? I assure you, you exist, a leather wineskin, tight, flesh, bones, and other delights. To convince yourself that you’re Superman is much harder than it looks. To do this, surround yourself with people who believe in you, remember your past victories, you have to stop focusing on their failures, and most importantly, stop comparing ourselves with others. Then, looking at yourself from a different angle of view, believing in your capabilities, you will be able to live in peace. Become your own idol. The chair assures all that we are our own Gods. In his sermons there is some truth (if it is not attributed to this phallus, men’s club and the «sacred temples», that women have between the legs). But in some ways he’s right. Religion was created by people that would not tell anyone. All definitions and terms are invented by people. Some great scientists believed in technical progress. But for the technical progress the responsible person. You’re hoping you’ll get lucky and malevolent at the exam the teacher will give you a positive rating. But you hope to act in a higher power that he repent. And what best affects a person? You guessed it – people. Too many words with the letter «H», but the song can not erase them.

It is fashionable to hate people. However, it is the people created the religion, clever books – all the things that affect the masses. All around, even many of the disease – the result of human activity. It is not necessary to write off. You yourself are Homo Sapiens. It is foolish to consider yourself helpless when you’re the only one interested in your fate. Sad, but what can you do.

The Lord said: «do Not make yourself an idol,» and strangely enough, he was damn right. How strange to use the word «Lord» and «hell» together… But nevertheless an ideal to be emulated will not allow you to live your story, and you try to live it.

«I was a dreamer

But today I was reborn,

I was the walrus,

But now I’m John

So, dear friends,

You just have to continue to live,

The dream was over.»

John. LennonIn the beginning it was said that without faith it is impossible to live. It turns out, now I’m all denied? No, no, no. Optimism is the Foundation of faith in yourself. You can even believe in Satan, at least in Kettle Russell’s important not to forget that it is all about the person behind all this is humanity. If you’re reading this, you’re probably also a man, not a sheep, and so his life I define myself, not relying on the call of Cthulhu.

Well, the song itself. If you’re not convinced, well, at least John will.

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