The eternal problem: how to get out of apathy


Good day, dear editors! You wrote your constant reader of the automotive capital of our country — the city of Togliatti. Discovered in 2013, and more than three years, my day is not complete without your company. I would like to Express our gratitude for your hard work, it is truly priceless!

So, go to my question. I’m 24, and I’m tired, first and foremost, from yourself. In the last year I have frequent bouts of apathy on everything. Classes that were previously familiar, and from whom I took pleasure, now become something else than you do not want to do. I gave up football, gym sessions, guitar. Even the car and bike don’t bring joy. Sometimes even communication with relatives and friends is given very hard. Sometimes I do not even want to talk to people. It seems that I have nothing to talk about. It seems that I have a lot of complexes. ‘ve been to three psychologists, as the result was (at the time of writing of this letter was recorded on admission to the fourth). It would be sad: parents and comrades there. A graduate job, a car, a motorcycle too. But for some reason was sick of it.

I should add that I live with parents, no girlfriend. And the work, frankly, does not cause emotions, but negative. Really want change and change.

Hope for your advice.

Thanks in advance. Sincerely, your regular reader.

The answer

Greetings to old residents! You don’t have much, but they are more valuable than your readers ‘ loyalty. However, after your question we seriously doubted his capabilities. Is there a point several thousand articles, most of which are dedicated to the motivation and search for yourself if our old readers ask the same questions?

What are you all wrong? You 24, you free as a bird, and nothing prevents to enjoy the fruits of life. But no, you’re saying that he is tired of life. And how much have you lived? What did you see? What survived? Of course, you think you are suffering from a serious personal tragedy, worthy of at least a film adaptation. In fact, it looks like throwing capricious, lazy child. You know, you’re tired of worldly goods, all these empty classes, monsters posing as humans, and devoid of meaningless work, then go to the monastery. Make vows, get monastic orders and look for the meaning in prayer and daily work. Having lived in the cell, devote yourself to work and God, talk only and only when asked, and immediately yearn with a motorcycle and the mother’s home. What, you wanted change and change? A desperate find solace and answers to the questions in religion, because it perfectly plays on human psychology. Too radical? Find a naughty woman with a trailer, naplate a couple of the «flower of life», and the meaning of life at once.

Don’t like these methods? Then what are you waiting for? To change four psychologists at 24, just because you’re tired of a quiet life is a disgrace. Do you somehow tried to change it? Well, maybe, to leave his father’s house, to go to another city? Or find a new job, or start their own business? Anything? It seems that you don’t want to, but you really want a lot, get at least a normal job. What you did to search for it? Probably nothing.

Although, judging by the fact that you focused more on the boredom, communication, leisure, you want new experiences, some drive from life, since I ride on vehicles and sport ceased to be fun. However, if you say that you tried and it’s not what you want, then you will be right. Because it is obvious that you are not tired all at once, just had one little problem, which in a Domino effect brought down the rest of your life. Somewhere something went wrong and now this heavy burden spoils your life. Therefore, it is necessary to solve this problem.If after that recover does not work, then you really do not want to do and no one wants to communicate. And, strangely enough, the best thing you can do is to do nothing and no one to actually communicate fully and without exception, cutting themselves off from any possibility of accidental reading some information and random actions. It is necessary to remove from his place of residence any text, be it posters on the walls or accidentally lay the newspaper, not to allow myself to even look at the clock — so that life is reduced to an absolute lack of interaction with someone else’s point of view and someone else’s information. Only that is a correct understanding of their own desires. After all, you did not know, what exactly you want. But the abstract «I want to change» is not a desire and not even a goal. The problem with these deployed here too desires that they consist of several nuances. If you put these details aim, that is to specify your wishes, it immediately becomes clear what you’re missing.

It is likely that your dreams will be impossible or difficult. Well, in that case start to plow. Like Sasha grey in the movie «Deep throat-5». And you won’t be bored, and new people will appear, and moral satisfaction from success. Save money — just go to travel, even in the Russian provinces, and even better hitchhiking. Look at how people live, change the picture, take a rest from the hustle and bustle, brush your teeth in the waters of the Danube river, have dinner on the shore of the White sea, and then you go home with a rough understanding of how the world works. Only two things give us that understanding — work and travel. After that nonsense, as depressed at 24 years, is somehow improper.

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