The essence of the introvert: what do you this type would never say to popular opinion, introverts are the most common type of mental attitude. They occur quite often, but in fairness it should be noted that the extroverts on the terrestrial ball a lot more, and ambiverts much more.

Not always possible to identify adherents of introversion among his friends. We think that these people are closed and unsociable, but this is not always the case. Unlike extroverts heroes of this article, direct your energy inward and not to the world. All of their subjective judgments more than objective, but they are much less dependent on companies.

There are a few things you should know about this type in order to better understand it. They are not depressive, it’s not locked, they just look at the world differently. You’re the same monster, as they are for you. Read and remember these facts in order to better understand the people around you. Introverts deserve understands the appeal.

1. They are not rocking your birthday

If you’re not close enough to them. But still the very essence of the birthday don’t fully understand introverts. They don’t feel the joy for someone else, for them it is just another day in the life of someone else. The idea is to gather for a common holiday in the office about the birthday of some girl in the accounting Department seems to be psycho not worthy of attention. A crowd of unfamiliar people kills any enthusiasm of this type, which all the time of the celebration only thinks about how to quickly go home to his views and books.

2. They are not rocking your birthday

No, don’t think that they don’t like to get gifts or to meet friends. Also don’t think that they are not able to understand the joy of the holiday — very. Just these guys don’t see the point in celebrating. If an introvert is going to celebrate a birthday, only for decency. The celebration takes place in the circle of the «right» people or relatives, quickly, quickly, at home and without much drunken madness. We can say, intelligent.

Very often our heroes carefully hide your date of birth, so as not to attract too much attention.

3. They are not interested, how was your weekend

If you are not close or a nice person, know that this type of person to listen to you just because for them it is a tribute to social etiquette. They are not interested, they keep talking. To someone else’s leisure this type is, as something personal and doesn’t understand how you can sincerely share that with strangers. Used to be judged on its own introvert sure that others perceive their holiday as much as he did. So he is very surprised when on Monday at the office, they begin to share experiences. Advanced introverts consider this conversation a necessity and also blather something about visiting the cinema or theatre.

Why this personality type does not like to share impressions? For them it is a waste of a large amount of mental strength.

4. They don’t like large crowds

It’s a little unites them with misanthropy. Large groups of people make the representatives of this psychotype that are tired, after such meetings, introverts need some time to move on. Self-absorbed they don’t like the fuss which distracts from thoughts.

5. Their faces are hard to define sympathy or antipathy

With a straight face adherents of introversion is impossible to understand what they truly felt about the man. That is why some of them try to portray on their faces a huge kindness, which can be confused with hypocrisy. More socialized introverts understand that people have more emotions and they are trying to portray. But still often it is completely unclear, if you love this man or not. In any case, if introverted person trying to portray kindness against you, who knows: maybe he is cute?

6. Introverts understand what to do

When someone has to explain how to do that either man, which, ironically, is inclined to introversion, explains the impression that the man is not stopset what is happening. It seems to him that the person he is trying to teach, is a very different world, and his mental faculties questioned. Here we are faced with the abyss of misunderstanding between the psycho. The one who explains it seems that listening did not understand, because at the time of study he nods and says, and just watching what happens. «Teacher» I am sure that one who understands his words should behave otherwise, but if he doesn’t act, then he is stupid, do not understand and again to tell all. «Introvert-student», in turn, thinks says, the jerk has a habit of repeating twice, and keeps the disciple of the idiot. This greatly hinders understanding.

7. They love to write

The representatives of this psycho live in their thoughts, but they are also not against to communicate them to other people. For this reason, introvert blogs and Twitter. The latter he uses to record short thoughts, not to «the whole world knew that he had to eat today».

If the Internet is man’s distrust, he describes everything that is happening in my head in Notepad. There you can find calculations, lists, short thoughts, drawings and other creations of consciousness. To some it may seem abnormal, but it is quite a common thing.

8. Fully disclosed with the «right» people

Contrary to popular belief, to qualify people bad dudes that treat introverted type of personality, think differently. Even if a representative of this type is not recognized that divides people into groups, it still does it. The introverted types are divided into two types of people: «in the subject» and «topic». Sometimes there is a third «not in the subject, but something you can tolerate».

If the introvert meets the person with whom it is difficult to communicate and who do not share his views and interests, he immediately put him on a list of «wrong» people. Communication with such a man our hero will minimize, will stay with him and politely pointed out at a distance. The «wrong» person will feel that his companion just unsociable, introverted or odd, but all very different.

In terms of «right» people, the introvert flourishes, jokes, laughs and almost never shuts up. This happens because he doesn’t need to try to please or tune in to some wave. If people «in the know» will go from the life of this psycho, the hero of this article will be sad. But if communication stops with those who are «not in», an introvert will not even feel the change.

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