The essence of the goat: how to understand that man «m*duck»

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2014_l8fIb8LTvnRvUUsually to describe why a person «a dick», is quite difficult. Personally, I found some absolutely the opposite meaning of the word. Some values include a number of parameters, which is not in other definitions. But, of course, no living person does not recognize that «m*duck» is good or at least normal.

For some people this person may be perfectly normal, but you look at him and realize that emanates from the guy something rotting. And then I realize: it is, shaped a dick. Just note that this man sincerely, to the pain in the soul believes that he’s not doing anything wrong, that «we are not, but life is like that». Sometimes he believes that he is a carrier of some kind of inhuman perfect truth, and sometimes he believes that he is a wonderful man, but he is surrounded by those who shouldn’t be born and that we must behave strictly haughty to know their place. However, he does not understand: he behaves that he deserves such a relationship.

1. The constant attempt to pin and humiliate any person

Faggots love to bits to humiliate people who are close to him. Even if the man pretends that he respects you, he still inserts some comment which you have a tangible reason for that. A lot of faggots have incredible superpowers to see the weaknesses of people and do not stop hitting him. If these places are not noticeable, they will hit the standard seats or unpleasant teasing you. «Where are our reports, we promised to bring them 10 minutes ago?!» — like a gentle reproach’ll tell you this man but you think about yourself only right: «What a dick». Hiding under the guise of the Joker, the hero of this article desperately attempt on those people who he doesn’t like that any better than him or who showed weakness. From this article it becomes clear that such behavior is typical of people with a number of complexes who try their aggressive behavior to divert attention from himself. Pussies.

2. Falling push

If someone fucked up or made even the slightest mistake, a dick will be happy to push this man will humiliate and will run around him like a gadfly on a cow. If he can’t speak, it will be ugly to smile and otherwise show appearance that he would never allow such an error.

3. Will never enter into the state of the other person

Probably the most important difference between m*duck from a normal person that he will never be in the position of another. Time off from work, to help the person to transfer the changes to forgive a small mistake — it’s not about m*duck. Until he made a mistake or the boss him favorably, m*Dak will shrug; to say that he never had any help; speak with a special mine «can’t help» and make many more like it I mean. Sometimes our hero can still enter into the position of other people, but then with a fair ability to remind you at every opportunity that once helped you, will drive you in the so-called «moral obligation». Son of a bitch!

4. To be sure that he does everything right, and your life is shit

If m*duck leads a healthy lifestyle (as he understands it), he is shit exhausted, when you see someone who is not doing what he considers normal. He will not be hinting that your life is shit because you drink a beer after work, he’ll say: «Damn, this isn’t right! Come on, be a man! Get some exercise». If he finds out that the only one who does sports, it will still think you’re doing something wrong, because how can it be that there’s somebody else in sports besides him? «And you must be turniton or only doing cardio? No? Work out with weights? You sure are doing exercises with correct technique?» In front of such a fool can do a deadlift with perfect technique, but it will still brazenly to look for faults in you. M*a duck!

Nobody loves to climb into another person’s life as our hero. Criticism of his obsessive, evil. Sometimes he strives carefully to you to get saying that you live wrong, but then it was back to traditional evil criticism. He’s not trying to help you, no he sees that you are different from him, and I’m sure you’re wrong, like you, need to be corrected, otherwise the war will come, and you’ll be the weak link in the phalanx, or go over to the enemy side. Phrases like «When you finally get married and produce offspring?», «Buy the car, and then, as rogue, on the subway ride», it is often poured from the mouth of the hole these people.

Yes, it is typical of the junk in your society, man, if you want it you need to throw and drive pissing Slippers. Sometimes you feel bad because you think ill of him, especially when he suddenly does something good, but you don’t give in.

5. Exceptional herd

Who said that is prone to the herd instinct of the people can not be smart or well to perform their functions? Actually you can. Simply can not think some categories of your own. Also m*duck hard to be alone, because otherwise he’s very quickly aware of their inferiority. Without society m*Dak is unable to parasitize, to have a little quarrel, persecute the offenders and to engage in unhealthy competition, comparing yourself to others and teaching them his questionable knowledge about life. If the «herd» chief said that you need to do so and not otherwise, and most people strongly against, m*a duck can stand on the side of the main and to curry favor, but behind his back to discuss the situation and to encourage people to gossip. So our hero is trying to sit on two chairs. And he did it.

6. Extreme conservatism

Most of the opinions and views of the world m*duck shaped almost in childhood and never changed. He believes the ability to stand on his own. In fact, it is the lack of any critical thinking and ability to analyze the data. Even if his point of view, absolutely absurd, he will repeat his old excuses and try to be correct and in charge. But if the society changed its opinion, will do the same and m*Dak. Commitment to traditional values (marriage, religion, traditions, habits, morals) helps our hero to think that he is incredibly thin spiritual nature, but we all know the truth.

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