The era of the pearls of Boris Yeltsin

Ledovyy the owner of 1/6 of the land – for some, the giver of freedom and the sower of democracy – for others, a drunk, incompetent and suicidal – third. I love him dearly and just as much hate. He is accused in default, two Chechen wars and completely put it mildly, lost the country. But let’s not forget that it was time and that it was for the country. She is doomed to difficulty, so with some troubles Yeltsin faced than himself provoked. About him were many rumours around him constantly hovered scandals and emergencies. Sometimes the President was quite embarrassing, but it was a matter of the past. Let’s not look at his role in history, and just accept the fact that this period was without complications and he could not do. Still, it was good, we build democracy, how could, how it turned out.

But thanks to Boris Nikolayevich, our country won some immortal gems of rumors and events that are firmly included in the Golden Fund of myths and legends. They soften the attitude of former head of state. So let us remember all of the «you know» to «I’m tired, I’m leaving.» It’s much nicer than to remember the country defaults, the emergency Committee and other delights of the post-Soviet reality.

The story of the grenade

Boris Nikolaevich was not two fingers, which is very fun Western politicians. But he lost his they are not shy, and rather dashing: dubasa grenade with a hammer. Why? This tells Boris Nikolaevich in the book, «Confessions on a given topic».

War, all the guys wanted to the front, but we are, of course, is not allowed. Did pistols, muskets, even cannons. Decided to find grenades and take them apart to study and understand what’s inside. I started to get into the Church (there was a warehouse of weapons). Night climbed across three lanes of barbed wire, and while the sentry was on the other side, sawed through the bars in the window, got inside, took two grenades with fuses and, fortunately, safely (all shot without warning) got back. Drove sixty kilometers in the forest, decided to dismantle the grenade. Guessed to persuade children to depart for a hundred meters: he was beaten with a hammer on his knees, and put a grenade on the stone. But the fuse is not removed, is not known. Explosion… and no thumbs. Guys are not hurt. While he reached the city, several times lost consciousness. In the hospital against receipt of the father (gangrene) had the surgery, cut off the fingers, in high school, I appeared with a bandaged hand…

Here’s a cautionary tale. Although this story is very much a «but». For example, why a grenade and tore off only two fingers why grenades were stored with fuses, and what the hell we have rules people guessed not to cut it, and smash a grenade? What did he expect?

About leadership qualities Yeltsin talked a lot. But brighter quality characterizes the case when he led his classmates to search of the river Sochi. They found long, painful but found. However, on the way back they ran out of food, and the whole party were ill with typhoid fever, as I had to drink swamp water. Here’s the leader: led nowhere, it is not clear why and almost destroyed the entire friendly squad.

Visit to the United States

9 September 1989, Yeltsin called for by private invitation, the United States and spent nine days reading a few lectures on issues of social and political life in the USSR. On the Central TV of the Soviet Union such things did not show, but Boris, getting off the ladder, has celebrated small need directly on the chassis. After that, not wiping and not washing their hands, went to shake hands meets him.

A little later, Pravda reprinted an article from the Italian newspaper «La Repubblica» about the strange passage of the future President. So all over the world discussed the peculiar behavior of the Eastern other. Moreover, he lectured heavily drunk. However, on the newspaper press, was accused of disinformation and drove the chief editor.

Absolutely nothing, because already on 1 October the entry of the controversial speech of Yeltsin in the Institute. Hopkins was shown on national television. Boris was under the hops, said it is not clear, the traffic was discoordinating. And then there was the most interesting: when he took the stage and the President of the Institute was to greet a guest, Yeltsin silently walked over to him and took off the rest of the text read the appeal with the comment: «If I speak without notes, then, and you say it.»

Then he tried to get out, explaining the presence of video to the machinations of the KGB, mount the film «wrong,» but Yeltsin’s speech – only overdose of sleeping pills. Although no one instrument can’t distort the language. Well, this is impossible.

Speaking publicly during and after the visit, Yeltsin did a lot of outrageous statements. For example, that the KGB agents threatened to kill him with the help of electronic devices able distance at any time to stop his heart. That’s such passion.

«Lie down on the rails»

In early 1992, Yeltsin vowed before television cameras «get on track» if they initiated liberal economic reforms by means of shock therapy would lead to higher prices:

«If prices become uncontrollable, will exceed more than three or four times, I’ll lie on the rails».

Is Yeltsin the promise was not fulfilled, despite the fact that prices have increased hundreds of times. Later, Yeltsin tried not to remember this promise.

Play the spoons

They say that during a visit to Kyrgyzstan Yeltsin, who loved to play the spoons, used the head of President Akayev. But everyone who has seen the head Akayev, wanted to do exactly the same thing.

A big talking shop

30 APR 1992 in an interview with the workers of the cold rolling mill at Cherepovets steel mill, the President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin called the Congress of people’s deputies of Russia the «great talking shop where little is achieved» and stated that «this Congress need to overclock to hell». For workers the question: «Can he do it?» the President replied that he his power to disperse it cannot and offers to collect a million signatures for a referendum on a new Constitution, in which there would be no such institution of power». When one of the workers asked him about what kind of Constitution to make a referendum, Boris replied: «the one project which serves the President». When asked about the fate of the Soviet Union, he replied: «If you are for the Union, then a step to the side, you are our man.»

«The Constitutionality Of The Constitution»

President Yeltsin on 24 March 1993 sent the Parliament a message (Memorandum) «On the constitutionality». There is no need to write a document that puts into question the Constitution of a great country, suffice it to say that Boris gave epic in its sound gem, voted the phrase of the week: «From the standpoint of legal fairness or justice rights – what is the constitutionality of the Constitution?»

The visit to Ireland

In September 1994, Yeltsin met with Prime Minister of Ireland. But, unfortunately, never met. Because it just came out of the aircraft. Yeltsin claimed that the guards simply forgot to Wake him up. Officially, it has occurred from-for sharp deterioration of state of health of Yeltsin. However, evil tongues say that it is connected only with the surplus «green snake» in the body.

Conducting the orchestra

Boris was very fond of music, jokes and songs. Besides the obvious musical talent and ability to play the spoons, Yeltsin showed himself as a great conductor. At the end of August 1994, during an official visit to Germany, he snatched the baton from the conductor and he began conducting a military orchestra. From the outside it looked more like a mixture of stage movements and GG Allin’and summoning Satan.

But «ledbelly» not satisfied – soul songs wanted. And he snatched the microphone, Boris, like a real singer of alternative metal band, he bawled under «Kalinka-Malinka».

Here’s how Boris met:

By the way, in connection with all that in mind POPs up one story, 94-year. Then, during a trip to Berlin, all TV channels of the world broadcast footage: drunken Yeltsin conducts the military band. It was a tough day for me. From this behavior might seem stupid, senseless. But I knew what you knew not-neither my assistants nor journalists, nor all violent reformers. Stress, experienced at the end of the 93-th year, during the coup and after it, was so strong that I still don’t understand how the body came out of him as managed. Tension and tiredness was looking for the exit. There, in Berlin, when all of Europe celebrated the conclusion of our last troops, I suddenly felt not stand. Had the responsibility, pushing all charged with anticipation of the historic step the atmosphere of the event. Suddenly he could not stand. Broke… What I feel now when the show has already become a journalistic stamp images in which I conduct the ill-fated band? Not shame, not indifference, not irritation, there is another kind of feeling. I begin to feel anxiety, stress, immense gravity that crushed, pressed me to the ground. I remember that the severity retreated after a few shots. And then, in this state of lightness, could conduct the orchestra. After this incident, a group of assistants to the President came to me with a letter: I am in your behavior, impromptu hurting yourself, hurting all of our work together. To apologize to the assistants did not. Hardly anyone of them could help me. The distance between us was too great.

Case in Krasnoyarsk

In the summer of 1994 Yeltsin visited Krasnoyarsk. During the trip on the boat on the Yenisei drunken press-Secretary Yeltsin Vyacheslav Kostikov began to pester Yeltsin jokes and rhymes. President of familiarity is not tolerated and ordered the insolent thrown overboard, which was done.

Wanted to eat pizza

In 2009, the world saw the story of the presidency of the hoary old saxophonist and part-time husband, disgusting wife of bill Clinton. No one knows whether it’s true or not, but in 1995, during Yeltsin’s visit to the United States after one of the later receptions at the White house Boris Yeltsin is so drunk that he was found a few dozen meters from the White house in his underwear. The first Russian President tried to catch a cab because, as he explained to the special agents came to the rescue, wanted to eat pizza. Politicians love pizza. To recall Gorbachev, who appeared in ads for pizza Hatt.

This story was well jammed, and it then no one would know. But the author, a journalist brench, claims he can provide from 79 people who’ll attest to that.

Evgeny Osin

If Yeltsin will go down in history as a politician, he will absolutely enter it as a dancer. It was during the election campaign in 1996. This exemplary campaign, with colourful slogans like «vote or lose» and «voice of the heart» is worth mentioning separately, for a more successful PR-campaign the country is not known. Extremely unpopular, discredited Yeltsin bypassed the ill-fated «commies», when the whole country started to believe that the USSR is not so bad.

Yeltsin has just popped up on the stage and in his usual manner (with terrible grimaces and locking movements) began to dance with the Russian Brian Molko – Eugene Wasp.

«There will be no devaluation»

August 14, 1998, while vacationing at Valdai, Yeltsin said on television:

There will be no devaluation. This I say clearly and firmly. And I don’t just fantasize, it is all counted, every day is working and monitoring the situation in this sphere. In any case, because of the situation in the financial markets will not interrupt the vacation. Because as soon as I do, I’ll start talking about that mess, a disaster, the case falls.On 15 August Yeltsin urgently interrupted the holiday and returned to Moscow, and the Minister Kiriyenko, dubbed the «Kinder-surprise», declared default. That’s the story.

«Working with documents» and «the President is tired»

During the many long disappearances of the President, his press Secretary Sergei Yastrzhembsky explained the absence of Yeltsin that he was «in the country working with documents». The phrase «went to the people» as a humorous euphemism for a presidential binges. In fact, in 1992 Zadornov addressed the people with new year’s speech only because the leader of the country «drunken» worked tirelessly.

Another phrase loyal press Secretary: «the President is tired», was used in order to somehow reduce the degree of idiocy of some of the phrases of the great man. For example, when Yeltsin was going to send a submarine to the release of seized ferry «Avraziya» (why a submarine?) or when he said to the king of Sweden that she fought with the Soviet Union during the Second world war (apparently confused with Finland). In short, the President is tired.

«Not got»

May 5, 1999, meeting of the governmental Committee meeting of the third Millennium… okay, that sounds like the Holy Templar Council meeting descended the Lord our God, on the sinful earth, but in fact everything is more boring – once the plans for the New Year.

Yeltsin found that appointed first Vice-Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin sits very far from him and Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. Breaking off his speech, he said:

Not sat down. Stepashin is the first Deputy… to Fix it. Sergey Vadimovich, take. First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin. More like there is no error.The phrase «Not sit» is still a meme, and even then, in ‘ 99, even school lessons are not complete without this phrase.


Here are a few phrases that perfectly describe this strange time and partly its ruler.

Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow.

Our country is on the brink, but thanks to the President we will make a step forward!

Like this, you know, flourish is obtained.

The threat of nuclear war

Sometimes, however, Yeltsin allowed himself to Flex its muscles, and even threatened nuclear war.

Yesterday, Clinton permitted himself to put pressure on Russia. He, apparently, for a few seconds to have forgotten what Russia is. Russia has a full Arsenal of nuclear weapons, but Clinton decided to Flex its muscles. I want to say to Clinton: let it not be forgotten that the world in which he lives. And not to dictate people how to live, relax. A multipolar world – that’s the basis of everything. So, as we agreed with Jiang Zemin. We will dictate how to live, and he is not alone.

A rusty flywheel

Phonetic ecstasy, it is just necessary to listen to!

«I’m tired, I mochoruk»

31 December 1999, it was sad. Grandpa Bob was stunned slicing Olivier Housewives a statement about his resignation and at the same time congratulated the Russians with the advent of the new century», which came already in 2001.

Left little time before the magic date in our history: comes 2000, a new century, a new Millennium. Today, the last day of the outgoing century, I resign. Happy New year! Happy new century, my dear!These warm words sounded kind of sweet. And thanks to the wonders of the presidential diction they sounded like: «I’m tired, I mochoruk».

Some took the news as an escape from the ship and sighed in relief. And some, on the contrary, it freaked me out, because ahead was the unknown, fear of the future. And the screen looked very tired, deeply sick person, which involuntarily parted.


Even through the years of Yeltsin is very kind young people. The one that was happy in the 90s, because in childhood all is well. To assess the degree of epic youth promises to the «drunken master».

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