The era is gone: Hugh Hefner gave up

The real obscenity are not related to sex. The real obscenity is war, intolerance and murder each other.

Hugh Hefnerso the time has come. The world has once again regained its old rusted gears, and the mechanism again began to show its fangs. The legendary Playboy magazine, recently inspired millions of teenagers around the world said their firm «no!» to everything associated with the exposure. Yes, you heard right. In Playboy will cease to publish photos of beautiful naked women.

And this idea Corey Jones, senior editor of Playboy. He was guided by pragmatism and the fact that the magazine it is time again to print millions of copies. But in today’s society, it is impossible, if on the cover of flaunt large naked Boobs, some Madame. Old founder of the magazine may not even know what he went. Even great for insanity, and Hefner, after all, will soon be 90 years old.

Magazine which became the cultural phenomenon that was, in a sense, the flagship of the sexual revolution, transformed into a gloss. So, it is, fortunately, still will be published coolest and most famous writers in its pages you will be able to watch interviews with talented individuals (we are not talking about the Russian equivalent of our stage), but the age rating of the magazine will slide to some lousy 13 years. There are even concerns that will remove girls from centerfold. Don’t know about you, but we are outraged at these changes. Sex again becomes something indecent in the progressive world?

So, it is clear that shock the usual pictures in the magazine, except that you some kind of nun in years. And everything you need can be found on the Internet. In the words of Randy Marsh from kosher TV series » South Park «once vzdrochnul girls Japanese girls barfing into each other’s mouths, you just can’t go back to Playboy».

Sex is healthy when its not hide and do not hide: why besot society?

Hugh HefnerAnd we would have respected editor Cory Jones, if he motivated the decision with the opinion that it is necessary to go against the General tendency of vulgarization of the world. We see nothing wrong with vulgarity, but always cool when you go against the system – it deserves respect. But his intentions are sadly primitive: it is necessary to raise the ratings, you need to sell more copies, to earn more money. The market is the market, and it’s understandable, but not when it comes to such magazines as Playboy, Hustler or Rolling Stone. They represent the passage of time, generations. However, nothing lasts forever, and good always ends. All the doors of all the great ideas breaking the specter of uncontrollable capital. Here was a decent sports channel with experts in leadership, and then to the publisher channel breaks some kind of social climber and makes candy in the shit. Unfortunately, this happens very often.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very disappointed twelve-year-old a present. But it will be correct.

Corey Jones, senior editor of Playboy

Pragmatism, not a story – that drives reform of the journal. If you look at open sources, the circulation of Playboy has fallen from 6.6 million copies in 1975 to 800 thousand. Meanwhile, the refusal of the official website of the publication from using outcrop has led to the fact that traffic has increased 4 fold, from 4 million to 16. What does this mean? That the West no longer «unspiritual», or that society is becoming more conservative, and bare Breasts are nothing new? Perhaps all of these statistics – a part of something larger, some fundamental change in the perception of sexuality or feeling of tiredness from the sex culture. In our opinion, all of this all the same way in a broader direction. When Playboy won the readers precisely because of its scandalous, openness and erection of sex in the absolute, now they are just loosened its grip, was unable to do something more interesting stuck at one stage. If earlier sex wrote sex addict journalist is a maniac with a bunch of unresolved internal contradictions, and now, according to Jones, the sex columnist is a modern woman, perhaps sexologist by training, which will do everything «right.»

Eh, it’s all part of the new world, covered by the fire of political correctness, where there is no place beautiful Breasts, but there is a place trivial and convenient for the masses content. Goodbye, Playboy!

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