The entrances to the office like a boss

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2014_CSohp39AtuSPREven if you don’t have a dominant position in a prestigious company, you will closely look at the estimated gaze every time you walk into the office.

Imagine that you just walked into the office, where a crowd of people you want to impress, for one reason or another: interview, meeting, important deal, acquaintance with new partners. Or it’s Friday night and you decided to unwind at the bar in search of a pleasant romantic adventure.

You have a fashionable hairstyle, stylish shirt, and Cologne that smells like the essence of George Clooney in a bottle. In General, you have every reason to look good and feel respectively.

Just at this moment of awareness of their awesomeness, your colleague/friend pulls you aside and says that, they say, sorry, sir, but you have unbuttoned a fly and it’s already broken 20 minutes observing the color of your panties. And before to say it was not possible. And the reason not to then had occasion many times to make fun of you.

And cold reality hit in the stomach, destroying the hope for a spectacular (in a good way) first impression. But this is only one of many possible scenarios.

Own habits and basic ignorance can significantly spoil the view of your person, and the stakes are very high. But there are things you can do in order to declare itself as about the decent person. Until then, until you prove otherwise.

9 easy to implement tips that have been borrowed from experts in the field of psychology to help you to enter the office, like a boss.

1. Training. The ritual inspection

Check the status of your whites in the morning, on the eve of an important meeting. May your tie of the night the dog ate it, or the cat rolled around on your pants. Before entering the room check the condition of the shoes, clean clothes. You need to focus on the more important[ things to focus on exciting issues, and not to think every five minutes that everyone will notice a tiny hole on the sleeve of your jacket.

2. Out of power

Social psychologists who investigate the mechanisms of non-verbal impact revealed that a key component is to show the source of self-righteousness.

Selabrate the position of the hands

The gesture, typical of people who feel confidence sometimes bordered an advantage.

Even if it is not, the non-verbal signal will do a thing, and the technique works in two directions. If you offer partners a new strategy or plan, and notice behind them a gesture that is positive, you can safely continue on.

Hands in the castle behind

Did you ever pay attention to how there are members of the British Royal family at social events. Proudly raised head and hands chained behind his back.

The gesture symbolizes the way you rush in and open person accessible and vulnerable places: the throat, breast, belly, groin — all of this is considered a gesture of a confident man with a sense of superiority over others. In stressful situations, if you accept such a position, it is possible to feel more confident and even bossy.

3. Take a break from emotional stress

In the morning, go exercise or jog, look your favorite show before going to work. Sing in the car favorite song. Call your friend in the end. It is necessary that the endorphins took over adrenaline. It is quite feasible with the use of light sport manipulation.

4. Knowing all the details

Making sure you are completely ready outside and emotionally before the «hour x», check whether you correctly remembered about the event: the time, exact location, dress code, road, right office, the right person, etc.

5. A strong awareness of purpose

When you enter the room, you should have a clear idea of the task. Come with confidence and conviction that your time is here and now, and nobody and nothing will interfere with our plans.

  • if it’s a public event, find out in advance who have been invited. Will there be you need people who else can make useful contacts;
  • congratulate the organizer of the event, if possible;
  • if you’re too shy for that, try a backup plan — go into the room, establish eye contact with someone you later plan to speak. Salute him friendly smile. With a friendly glance. Not like the famous Hannibal Lecter, who identified the victim and following her among the crowd. Practice beforehand in front of a mirror.

6. Being in the room. In the game from the first minute

50% sustainable opinion on the person develops during the first fifteen minutes of dialogue. Proven research. And no matter how long the conversation did not last, either positive or negative opinion about the candidate develops within the first 3-4 minutes of conversation.

After that, questions are asked depending on the prevailing opinion: if positive — allowing a person to open up with the best hand, a negative — «to backfill.» In fact, the conditions that the initial view was reinforced by subsequent facts.

Therefore, underestimate this aspect.

Get ready to shoot the heavy artillery of his brilliant mind and presentable appearance with the very first words of the conversation. Don’t overdo it so as not to expose himself as a pompous ass or a clown. Everything is good in moderation.

7. Friendliness

Again, about the smile. Smiling companion, you’re talking about that happy to see him and to hear, and it pleases any ego.

We are not saying that during the whole conversation, you need to be grinning from ear to ear. Easy, genuine smile, as a sign of encouragement for further interaction and cooperation — a great ACE in the sleeve of any man.

8. Watch your posture

Inverted shoulders and slouch — the signs of a classic «man in a case». And why would anyone want such a thing. Even if you have justification in the form of an old man running scoliosis, please push ourselves to the maximum, at least ten minutes.

Straighten your back, suck in your stomach, slightly lift your chin. Who’s the boy? You’re cool!

9. Watch the gestures

Do not hide the hands in your pockets, cross them on your chest, or rest his fists on his hips. But waving his arms in front of the nose of the interlocutor, as epileptic, is not the case.

And if you do not know what to do with these two extremities, hold in one hand, Notepad, pen, folder, but does not juggle these things. All stick to the Golden mean and natural.

Hopefully, these tips will help you not to fall face in the dirt, and you from the first minutes of conversation will reveal all at once, there are indispensable staff.

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