The England international was beaten by a Playboy model

England player Ashley Cole disgraced. Curvy model Carla Howe after a brief showdown with the player just took it and beat him.

It all happened in one of night clubs of the British capital. The cause of the conflict was the strange behavior of Cole, who started strongly to pester the star of «Playboy». What is the reason of such behavior? Passion and lust? Not at all. The fact that Cole had an affair with a sister model Melissa. Here it is assumed that the player just messed up the girls and went to sort things out. Sisters resemble each other like two drops of water. Even sober they are easy to confuse.

Eventually, Cole began to scream and demand that the young lady was taken out of the club, and responded with rudeness to rudeness. Altercation ensued. But to collide with the model of «Playboy» and everyone can, but worry it will waste only one. Girl three hit player in the face, with the finger she was wearing the ring. After hitting Ashley couldn’t speak – lip became swollen meat.

The lady does not consider itself guilty and does not regret his actions. «He deserved. He thinks he can treat women like dirt. I defended myself and my sister,» said Carla.

By the way, at the time, the girl offered the owner Vivid Entertainment to buy six spicy records, on which she is depicted in bed together with the popular American rapper Wiz Khalifa. That’s the reputation.

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