The dog in the manger


The girl said her feelings for me burned like acid, and she doesn’t love me anymore. Suggested to try to start over or to leave. Usually, if two adults part — one puts the other before the fact, and does not offer to choose. Over the last couple of weeks, I have not heard from her at least a warm word, though he periodically talk about their feelings. Talking about the fact that I single-handedly supported our relationship, and she’s like still not successful. What should I do friend? Love her, fool, she’s like a dog in the manger.


So, dude, as if another difficult situation. The fact is that it is artificially complicated. You’ve said that she, like the dog in the manger — he wants your lover on two chairs to sit, and it’s extremely difficult.

Just want to ask: is she to you does not show sympathy or sympathy (kisses, hugs and other romance) is still kind of there? If not, then there is quite logical question: what are you waiting for?

Here’s a tip for all time. Again pull her into an honest conversation and right in the forehead ask: whether it is your relationship now? Regardless of the answer say that you do not bring joy. If the girl also do not like the situation offered the second half to change the situation. Agree — excellent, hugged, kissed. Disagree — in the garden. To do anything, to work on a relationship as a couple. A one-sided game doesn’t do any good.

Agreed, but does nothing to change the situation? Telling her about it. If she was suddenly mad at you, began to put pressure on the pity, to get angry or suddenly start to cry, but you do know that she’s not doing anything to change the situation, to take decisive action. Take a breath, gather your courage in a fist and it went in a certain direction.

She understood and promised to make conclusions? That’s great, but she’s still under observation. Promised to draw conclusions, and everything is still in place? In the garden without further rassusolivanie. We assure you that after a number of promises she’s been so tired that the heat of passion will recede into the background.

The world is too much free girls to hold such personnel. To bring happiness to them.

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