The dispute that spawned a monster

manygoodtips.com_10.04.2015_ir2SJkl2lXJR3What happens when literary minds come together and begin to fight the Blues? Born epic work. We will now consider one of the, so to say, a good get-togethers, which gave the world culture of one of the most famous monsters.

How it all began

In the summer of 1816 Mary Godwin, her fiance is one of the greatest English poets Percy Bysshe Shelley, the famous writer John William Polidori and Claire Claremont (Mary’s half-sister) visited Lord Byron in Geneva. The literary idea of the campaign was to relax and enjoy the mild Swiss summer, which was very sad. Young intellectuals, not to go crazy from boredom Swiss under rainy skies, were mainly engaged in reading German Ghost stories. Byron was so pleased with these stories that he offered all honest companies to write their own supernatural stories and see who will come up with the best. So entertained the intelligentsia of the 19th century.

Byron wrote only fragments. Polidori nothing came up, confirming the rumors about plagiarism, but when he heard the notes of Byron’s, wrote them on the basis of a short story. But Ms. Godwin are unable to write anything worthwhile. Upset she went to sleep. But the German fairy tales filled brain has created in my sleep a dull picture in the center of which flaunted a living corpse. Catching the idea for the Golden tail, lady created the familiar image of Frankenstein. Shelley helped his bride to bring the image to mind. The result is story short, with short heads, written just a few days. The couple realized that the idea in General is quite lovely, and so over the next year edited the story and turned it into a finished novel.

You ask, what did Claire Clermont? And nothing underfoot, mediocrity.

Edison and the film

The first movie about Frankenstein was made in 1910. It lasted a long and painful 12 minutes. The producer of the film was the Studio of the famous inventor of light bulbs, the enemy of the Serbian people of Thomas Edison. (Why is the enemy? Well remember the story when Edison didn’t pay a single cent Nikola Tesla for his discovery, although promised). However, the film is considered unsuccessful and even blasphemous. By the time the audience has become accustomed to high-quality movies, so after the resounding failure about the film forgot. Suddenly, he disappeared, but all was still, and for a long time was considered lost, until in 1950, has not been found in a private collection. Despite the rather liberal interpretation, this painting was a bit closer to the original than other movies. For example, a monster is created in the pot and leaves him with the same sinister pathos, and Uruk-Hai from Lord of the rings. Actually, it is very interesting to observe how at the beginning of the last century using primitive techniques, the skeleton turned into a large hairy figure that resembles the dudes from wrestling. Well, the main difference is that in this film, the melodrama a little more. After all, remember, who wrote: a man with a delicate, like a flower blooming peach tree, the name of Percy and a woman.


In 1931, the picture was released, was definitely a treasure of world cinema and gave birth to a good tradition to shoot several horror films for the year. A classic of the genre, in which the monster played the first Lord of horror in world cinema Boris Karloff.

In the book, the monster is quite philosophical character while in the film the emphasis was on his awful origin. The viewer is not bored, I think. The technician (whose name is Fritz, but most for some reason calls it «Games») in the book is not present at all. In the film, Frankenstein’s name is Henry, and he a young scientist, whereas in the book he is a College student. And indeed the film is based on the play by Peggy Webling, and not in the book. No, the play is very, even too close to the original, but not without the author’s branches. Simply the author wanted to make the story more frightening, in the spirit of the time.

Under the guise of anonymous

In the 19th century, Frankenstein was published three times: in 1818, in 1823 after it first appeared on the scene, and again in 1831, with significant changes in the text. Interestingly, all 3 times – anonymously. The original text consisted of introduction from the husband of Mary, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Most critics at the time assumed it was Percy wrote the book, but contemporaries refer to long stories and three tellers as evidence of the inexperience of the writer. Percy by that time, was the star of literary England, but Maria was just beginning, so the question of authorship disappear by themselves. That Marika started to write, it is not surprising. Her mother, also Mary Wollstonecraft was a famous writer and part-time feminist.

The fashion for vampires

During writing competitions Byron was able to create a full story, but came up with a lot of essays, one of which was based on German legends about vampires. John Polidori used this essay for writing a little story about a vampire. In any case, it was the first blood-sucking character in fiction. The vampire, Lord Ruthven, clearly had the features of Byron. As Polidori was a doctor, though not devoid of literary talent, the story he decided to publish under the authorship of Lord Byron. However, Byron, this situation is not much, and he immediately denied authorship. So because of this the most literary competition in Vogue the vampire stories that brought to mind Bram Stoker and his «Dracula.» And there already and to all «the twilight Saga» is not far away.

Death as inspiration

It is not sad, but death forced Mary to return to the topic of the walking dead. Mary gave birth to Percy in 1815, when he was still married to his first wife, but their daughter who was born two months premature, died 11 days later. This incident inspired her to rework Frankenstein. Unfortunately, all three children born to writer couple, did not live to adulthood, so they have no direct descendants.

Who is who

Many people think that Frankenstein is the name of the monster. But in fact it is the name of the Lord. The surname was in such an inquisitive young scientist. In the creature name. Just A Monster.

Many draw an analogy between the companion Frankenstein and God. Supposedly, he and the other creators, but each in its own way. Also find a distinct resemblance to the epic poem by John Milton’s «Paradise Lost», which tells the story of the first man, named Adam. In any case, the influence of Milton is obvious.

By the way, the name «Frankenstein» is not accidental. The literal translation is «Stone of the Franks». Is the name of a famous castle, in which Mary and Percy visited on the way to Switzerland. In this castle lived a famous chemist Conrad Dippel, of which there were rumors that he experiments with human bodies. However, wife Shelly never said who they were off the main characters, referring to a good sleep and by claiming that all the images are invented from scratch.

Biblical roots

The echoes of Jewish fairy tales in this story very, very much. He is not described as specifically created a monster. This is reminiscent of the biblical «let there be light!». Too many similarities in both creators. However, unlike God, Frankenstein, it would seem, does not know that creates. Full title, «Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus». Well, here is the explicit reference to a liverwort unfortunate story of Prometheus from Greek mythology. He made man against the will of Zeus, what an angry thunder chained him to a rock, sending every day an eagle to peck out his liver. It is believed that the eagle is also tired of eating tasteless, drunken Titania liver. And long monologues is clearly hinted at in ancient myths, where heroes loved to talk on the subject of eternity and fate. However, readers terribly annoyed these long monologues.

The fateful story

Worth to mention about a very interesting, fulfilling personal lives of all the parties to the dispute. The end of all was very tragic.

Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned in 1822. Lord Byron died in agony 1824, presumably from sepsis. John Polidori committed suicide in 1821. Mary was more fortunate: she died in 1851 from a brain tumor. For those who like to draw Parallels, it is a large field for thought. In any case, only one of this company femme lived a long life. It was Byron’s mistress Claire Clairmont was the only one who did not participate in the literary battles.

Clever Shelley

By the way, between members of the mighty handful was a very unique relationship. Rumor has it that baby Claire Claremont was not from Byron but from the old Shelly. This charming little man is generally distinguished by hyperactivity and a craving for freedom of love. In particular, he was madly in love with elder sister Mary, Fanny, but after Percy had preferred younger flesh, Fanny broke down and hanged himself. Here’s a little family. I’m surprised that the Feminists were so many children. But it’s not so interesting. The most interesting thing that poor Mary was worn out with the legendary poet, sought inspiration in another young lady and in every way forcing wife for group intercourse with his best friend Thomas Hogg.

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