The difference between experience and error

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2014_XxjVkklgBMnNfExperience. The strict teacher and the most honest. The experience that we accumulate over the years makes us who we are. Errors always are perceived with any negative connotation. We try to hide them, to forget and ignore. A mistake is something we would not like to repeat, that we would never want to meet on your life’s journey.

But, why not look at mistakes as an experience? All our mistakes and accidents also help us become who we are. You can deny the errors than trying to forget them, but somehow, mistakes are also part of the us. So, sent you a ridiculous letter, whether it is not okay, damn I pulled write such nonsense, and that theft in school, remember? And many more things. All this just can’t be thrown out of life and is made in a different color.

Error do anything and everything. It’s impossible to learn to live, we never say to ourselves: now I know how to live and never make mistakes.

We do not like mistakes, but in some cases there is not much difference between experience and error; the thing is how we look at it.

    • Experience helps us to grow; errors we keep.
    • The experience leaves lessons; mistakes — regrets.
    • Experience makes us smarter, mistakes are forced to ask questions.
    • Experience shows us the way; mistakes lead us into the darkness.
    • Experience is necessary; mistakes are inevitable.
    • Experience great for stories; errors deprive us of sleep for a few days.
    • Experience are welcome; mistakes come without an invitation.
    • Experience defines us; the mistakes bother us.
    • Experiences are praised; mistakes forgiven.
    • The experience is painful; more painful mistakes.
    • Experience creates; the bugs are destroyed.
    • The experience fills us; errors are empty.
    • Experience designed for a large; the errors for the weak.
    • The experience lasts forever; the bug lasts for a minute.
    • Experience leads to new beginnings; mistakes lead me to believe that it’s over.
    • Experience creates leaders, mistakes madmen.
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