The device that will kill us…

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_z3zbzrof79rSKForget everything we ever talked about the future. The future is scary. Technology is evolving incredibly rapidly, and any day the world might collapse under the onslaught of machinery that has suddenly acquired a mind. Care of Stephen Hawking, it bothers us.

Join our five-minute paranoid and go from the concrete jungle to the jungle of metal, where artificial intelligence has surpassed all human expectations.

1. Blender

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_vNm3rAiiScvHDBlender is able to mix and turn into a homogeneous mass almost anything: carrots, peaches, apples, human eyeballs… Imagine for a minute if this thing gained the intelligence and aggressive nature, she would probably have said, «you Know what, I’ve to do the fucking lane every morning!» And stainless steel blades would pass through your body at a speed of 40 000 rpm. And you pooped your pants at the speed of 40,000 times per second.

2. Microwave ovens

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_pSVNOFYHHvEZgMicrowave is one of the most dangerous appliances on this planet. 84% of the population do not know how to work this warm-up semi-finished thing. «Microwave radiation». What lies behind this concept? But if it gets out of control, and your head will fry most powerful hot beam? And that’s all! Eat while brains are hot! Don’t get yourself killed, man! Get a grill or a barbecue, light a fire and warm up their meals, not paying attention to the benefits of modern technology!

3. iPad

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_7z3lModzE6oNYThe coolest «Apple» invention will not melt your brain or to cut the body into small pieces. Not the level. Need more gloss and charm. Cunning of the latter-day intelligence tablet choose good old-fashioned blackmail. The device will fill the Google search engine with queries like «How to dump a body», «the Best blunt object to kill», «How not to arouse suspicion by appearing in a graveyard with a shovel», fabricate evidence, pictures and throw himself at the nearest police station. Sushi crackers, for you have already left.

4. Headphones

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_U0NgM711VNLMUBeyond the door of the apartment, you can forget wallet, keys, documents and not just headphones. Meanwhile, only 150 dB will cause burst eardrums, and 184-200 dB can damage your organs, make you not only hearing, but also life. Harmless as a pair of headphones will be capable of such a despicable act? Brain.

5. Smart watch

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_Y5C51qjY4SOeaWhile you are hunting for your health, cultivating healthy habits, the love of the correct food and way of life, you can just ignore, you become a target. You blindly trust your «smart» clock that constantly monitor your activity, weight, counting the steps and pulse. And you’re always in a good mood, because you lose weight, look and feel good. It’s a little weird, because in the last month anywhere, except in the McDuck, you haven’t eaten, but once the clock shows such a great outcome, why not specially programmed to believe this stuff? Over the next few months your level of laziness, cholesterol, and blood sugar rises, broke all the records, and you become «Homo sapiens diabeetus».

6. Vacuum cleaner

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_5exY3lxINk5sfDogs and cats have always known that the vacuum cleaner is scary as hell. Now imagine a device that is able to move around without the noise and cord that will attack you in your sleep, wrapped hose, guided by only one purpose – to suck out your intestines through any available hole. Grim reality of the future, where the world is ruled by evil II.

7. Furby

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2014_cDkSG9ktZlqfNThe current jerks are obsessed with this fluffy crap that says nonsense in a strange language. Furby is pretty scary in and of itself. What? What are they bloody to yourself? This growl lurking monster? The trick electronics? Or something much worse, much more tricky… the Illuminati!

Furby with a brain is a recipe for disaster. This toy will never cause you physical pain, but psychological trauma can be very serious. You will not notice as you cross the line, will be one of the characters in the «Twilight Zone» where no living beings, and the only survivor is you, the bibliophile, which is coming on their own reading glasses in the deserted library.

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