The destructive power of friendship

Awesome crap, man, but many men do not understand what friendship is different from friendship and relationships just acquaintances. Seriously, many guys think they have a lot of friends while friends is never enough. Friends are important people in your life who will always support you, will come to the rescue in a difficult moment and you will understand. Friends — people who you feel comfortable with whom you sometimes drink beer, do something together or talk on the phone sometimes. Friends — those whom you know by sight and by name (although the latter is not required). That heavy in this classification? Why a lot of proud people under the concept of «friends» signed by everyone who drank the beer? The problem is probably that everyone wants to be one with a hundred friends. These guys add dudes friends of long acquaintance and behave «friendly» with people who they are not friends and do not even consider themselves as such.

Different people have different degree of trust to others, but the friendly guys and try to do what they think should be done to friends: ask about the relationship and give unsolicited advice in the spirit of «something you got fat, honey» those who are no friend of theirs. This article is about the fact that some understand friendship properly behave with people as it should. Well, more about the destructive power of «friendship» for some people.

Friendship with nifiga

As always, people understand friendship? Two people communicate, they have something to talk about, drink beer in the place, know each other for a long time. Most often no one realizes that it is not friendship. Friendship is one of the highest degrees of trust between people. This is a proven relationship, not necessarily long and always continue, as we already know from this article. This is when two people always have something to discuss when they help each other and ate a peck of salt together. I doubt that at the present time, can be produced something similar to what is described in the book «Three comrades», for example.

Most often, the friendship means good relationship. But a good relationship is without large jambs. But what is meant by such schools? Cheating, flirting with another man’s wife, a number of small troubles, gossip behind your back? Some people are trying to be guys wide soul and to forgive our friends a variety of schools, which, if you look, is simply not worth it. It often happens that one man forgives another for a great sin not because «friends dearest,» and not because he was generous like a king-priest, but because I do not want to let the person know long enough.

A friend of mine has committed an act that, to be honest, I don’t understand. His companion rolled up directly into his eyes to his wife, they were resacralize, but they started to communicate again, when first divorced his wife. In your eyes this «friend» has committed an act that can be classified only as a huge disrespect to you, why are you returning to communication with this man because I know him from uni! Most interesting in this situation that this fellow was cruising, and successfully, to the girlfriend of another friend of mine, who, unlike the first guy, razosralsya with him and a girl and so many years of not communicating with them, although «friend» tried several times to resume communication with him and even apologized. That is the approach I understand.

The people with whom we are familiar long enough, you start to affect us. Sometimes they are beneficial to us: we are doing them services, they provide services to us. The more such a person in our lives, the more we think «friend.» But it may harmful friend.

These relationships come in different shapes and sizes, but they all boil down to mutual benefit from mutual influence. It’s simple math. Take a sheet of paper and list all the benefits from your relationship and all those schools that he once did. He took you money and did not give? He’s hitting on your woman? He left you with promises? Rude common friends? This is a serious sin.

To realize that this man with whom you have a lot of years, a sign is really your friend and just taking advantage of you, you need a cool head and critical thinking. Usually, you must act like the guy from the story above, that is, to cease communication with the «other.» Why waste time on relationships that are destructive? Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done.

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