The dark Knight: Telltale Games trying to revive the DC universe

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_h06WXGTAMlL2LTelltale Games is a developer that deserves respect because it creates a huge ambitious projects like No man’s Sky and not fulfilling its obligations, but because it is almost unique in the world of serious developer of episodic games with the plot of aerobatics. With the release of the first episode of The Walking Dead, a game based on the same series, it became clear that the company has a great future. They jerkily stepped up the capital that allowed us to create a fantastic detective The Wolf Among Us, the plot of which is based on the rich universe of the Fables comics. After took over the «gamification» Game of Thrones», earning rave reviews from fans of the cult TV series, and now Telltale Games have turned their view of the universe DC that last few years trying in vain to grab a mass audience. In DC things are bad. Or, to be more precise, much worse than expected on the owners of the company.

The fact that Telltale Games took on this project is truly divine (or devilish?) Providence. In the time of the announcement we were sure that this developer is the best way to convey the grim atmosphere of Gotham city, without losing the connections of the source, the roots of which ripped into thousands of comics about Bruce Wayne. I as partial to the DC universe, it is very important to the atmosphere of the game was in line with expectations. The General outline of history has always been an important part of the gameplay, even more important than any innovative and epic action, which in Telltale games you still will not meet. But it’s not bad, because the company name is not just translated as «to tell the tale.» Their games are a story your eyes as a good quality film, being the main character. But not to be unfounded, I spent blood 449 rubles, buying the first episode of «Kingdom of Shadows», and sat down to play.In brief, cool, sometimes even unexpectedly. If detail, then read on.

Just note that the big emphasis of the game is on the disclosure of the characters. The story itself was written from scratch, that is, it does not copy blindly the film adaptation, other games or comic books about Batman. The Central character, of course, Bruce Wayne, but the player is given the opportunity to play for the other characters. For example, for a female cat.

The story is worth buying this game because it is based on the principle of «sink or swim», that is, almost every action or choice that makes the player sets in motion a chain of events that cannot be changed. They are the best hook from Telltale. In other words, be serious about your choice — it changes the story, but, unfortunately, does not change the final. And for good reason.

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_vFXzXC6rafp6cFocusing on the previous experience of the game The Wolf Among Us, I naively thought that the action in this game format are excluded. But it is not so. It in «Batman: The Telltale Series» does not hold. In the very first frame we see the shit-kicking (literally) a picture, which clearly hints about the cruelty of the world of Gotham. The criminals with whom we have to fight early in the game, is pretty poor stuff, but then we stumble upon her first serious opponent — a woman-cat fight which makes sweat a lot. And it’s totally unsettling, but in a good way. Bored of the game is not necessary — the developers have even complicated the mechanism that has been in the game about a wolf detective, but if you have the skill and a good response, the problems should arise.

Long battle scenes, however, quickly bored. The first replica of «the Dark knight» is no different from nemnogosloven, which we have seen in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan. A lot of pathos, of intimidation. If the words said and some terminator. But when Batman takes off his mask, revealing the mask of billionaire Bruce Wayne, we are witnessing multiple improvements interactive parts. To read the dialogues with Bruce — very interesting.


A great variety of choice, which, we hope, will affect the further passage. It so happened that the character of Wayne at the beginning of the first episode busy Harvey, lover flip a coin, dent. This D. A. you should know — he is one of the Central figures of the entire Saga. A very controversial type. In the game, Harvey dent is running for mayor. He, with the help of Bruce Wayne, wants to change the city. But Gotham cannot be changed, regardless of the criminal criminal of the city. This is what we will be reminded throughout the game.So, the fight gave way to chatter about the responsibility of the city and its salvation, and chatter gave way to attempt to investigate. All these elements combine harmoniously, regularly replacing each other, as if the developers were afraid that the player will become bored. Detective mode — a separate conversation. What he has is already good. But he’s so underdeveloped that I want to cry tears of blood. Not for children because the game was made! So why not complicate the search and processing of evidence? I don’t think it would take a lot of time. Deep sorrow for this reason we’re not going to be Sherlock and Holmes.

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_hIaUjjjbD2XxNThe gameplay itself is very small — it is in the spirit of Telltale games, who prefer to create «living pictures» and not the full game. But let’s not forget that it is this style and mechanics of the games led them to success. But perhaps that is why the games of the company will be forced to spend eternity in your niche, because players like to play, reading the text and clicking on his pieces. It’s distracting if you are brought up on GTA and Wolfenstein. But we ourselves are in awe of the fact that at least where the plot is put on the first plan. Today it is a rarity. But if we suddenly want more of the gameplay, we’ll just get on the train called «Batman: Arkham City».

There is one fat minus of this release is poor optimization. We don’t know what is happening with the game world, but it seems that the schools in the optimization trend of the season. They were there in No man’s Sky, they were there in Batman: The Telltale Series. And if in one case the developers can understand and forgive, the other is not possible. After all, it’s a movie with a set of actions, how can you go wrong with optimization? This is the same picture! Of course, the patches have solved this problem, but not to mention the numerous bugs we just couldn’t.

But even if you take an armful of all the bad things in the game, it still does not outweigh pleasant experience. Let’s hope that new episodes come out with all these flaws, but now we can say that the story turns exciting, much better than what we saw in «Batman vs. Superman».

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